A Critique of “Why the Gasoline Engine Isn’t Going Away

2 February 2017

In this article “Why the Gasoline Engine Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon,” Joseph B. White states that alternative energy cars could be the start of a revolution in the automaker world, however, complications interfere with the outcome. Although the author suggests different ideas on alternative vehicles, he contradicts himself numerous times while also lacking credibility of any sources. White’s main points relate to the automotive revolution. Environmentalists want car companies to determine how to make alternatives to the regular petroleum-fueled engine.

White explains alternative methods that could persuade the automotive industry to go green, such as using ethanol or other biofuels to power one’s car (332). However, while explaining these particular processes, he gives his own opinion on how well these changes will really affect the industry in the long run. The author adds that “technological change is best done incrementally” (332). This article focuses on how the gasoline engine is unlikely to be replaced by ethanol, hydrogen or electric powered engines anytime soon, contrary to what the media has everyone believing (333).For example, car companies are redesigning the electric car model to be more aerodynamic so the cars can fit smaller batteries in them but are still able to last a whole day’s driving. Refueling electric cars would simply involve plugging it into any electric outlet (334). White indicates pros and cons of alternative powered vehicles to inform the reader that the cons outweigh the pros even though they are possible ideas.

A Critique of “Why the Gasoline Engine Isn’t Going Away Essay Example

White claims that “an automotive revolution is coming-but it’s traveling in the slow lane” (332).The author implies that there is some hope; however, it may not be in close proximity. White starts by blaming the media for trying to make people believe that most vehicles are converting to engines that are better for the environment. White is pessimistically pointing out that something like this is not as plausible to happen in car companies as the media is attempting to reveal. The author also explains that car companies cannot just make changes like this instantly.White says that “to produce a new vehicle it takes three to five years” (332), but he neglects to prove this information with ethos. The author later defends the automakers by stating “that doesn’t mean auto makers and their technology suppliers aren’t serious about rethinking the status quo” (333), therefore, he could confuse the reader with mixed opinions (332-333).

Later, White explains how challenging it is to convert from gas engines to electric due to the expenses involved.The author claims that gasoline is cheaper than “many brands of bottled water” (333); however, he does not give proper ethos for his poorly stated logos. Not supporting his logic takes away from the strength of his article as a whole, making his assumptions unconvincing. The author says that our advances in technology allow one to use hydrogen as a fuel. White then follows up with how there are only 1,000 natural-gas fueling stations in the country without supporting ethos (333). In conclusion, the author opposes every idea mentioned in the article.This proves that his negative attitude could affect the way the reader views his points.

White’s explanation of the pros and cons contradict his opinions shown in the article. In regard to the author presenting this article with facts, he failed to support them with any credibility. Thus, his assumptions are weak which make his claim unreliable. Work Cited White, Joseph B. “Why the Gasoline Engine Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon. ” Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum. Laurence Behrens and Leonard J.

Rosen. Boston: Longman, 2011. Print.

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