A Day Awaited for Five Years

6 June 2019

My entire body was engulfed in a cold sweat. My heart was pounding a thousand times in a single second. Yet, somehow I felt at any moment I could let go and everything would still be okay. Monday, April 23, 2018, had been the day I had waited for since the first day of my eighth- grade year. Beginning from the time I woke up, at 5:45 A.M. till about4:30 P.M., when I left school, would be the day where I felt any possible emotion to ever experience. That day was election day.

ER–ER–ER! My alarm went off and my heart began to race. After months and months of hard work and campaigning, today would be the day that I would try to achieve one of my biggest goals. As my mom was driving the car, all I could do was keep quiet. However, on the inside of my brain every circuit was cut loose and I was losing my mind. I just wanted this day to be over. Finally I got to school and my nerves were kicked up to one thousand percent. I was very much on edge. All of the “good luck’s” and “you’re definitely going to win’s” seemed nice, but I felt like everything was on overload. It was almost as if I had only two senses, sight and hearing. I could barely speak and everything around me was pretty much non-existent. As lunch was rolling around, the girls I was campaigning with all met up to say our final words before the election. I was barely able to speak but somehow I managed. My last class rolled around, and before I knew it I was walking down to watch the elections. As I was walking into the child development room, I was greeted by my nervous friends, anxiously waiting for this to be over. The carpet had an unusual look, as I tried to notice anything but the election. The walls, a pasty beige and the green stone bricks, particularly shiny. SNAP! I was pulled out of my daze by Mrs. Buras. “We have to be quiet! This hallway cannot be disturbed by the candidates who are running. Let’s just take a deep breath.” We all sat and there was a stinging silence. Ms. Dupre and Mr. Carreau noticed all the nerves flying in the air, so they started to crack some jokes. All I could think was, “It’s all laughs and giggles until I don’t win.” I was so doubtful of myself and pulling out a win. The speeches started to role and my brain went completely black. Literally! I could not think, I could not speak, I was just waiting for the biggest let down ever. First it was the president’s’ speeches, then the Vice-Presidents’, then secretary, and then my death. I heard the first two treasurer candidates and then my face popped up and my speech began, “They went on down to the Audubon Zoo and they all asked for BLAH BLAH BLAH.” I refused to listen because I felt that everything was going to end in a disaster. The votes had been counted and all of the candidates were awaiting the news. When the moderators entered the room I tried to read their faces, but all I could see were poker faces. All of the candidates were waiting, but my heart almost burst out of my chest once they announced the treasurer. It was me! I won and no one could deny it! I felt like I was on top of the world. Like King Kong on the Empire State Building with my Student Council office key in hand. The moderators finished calling out the winners and we all darted for the door. Jumping, skipping, and smiling ear to ear, all of us were as happy as we had ever been. For me, this was a moment in time where I proved myself wrong. I learned something that day: even though my long-term goal seemed out of reach, all the small things that I did made my dream a reality.

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