A day everything went right

6 June 2016

Life has ups and downs, high and lows. Sometimes you feel as if you are on top of the world, other times you feel as if everyone and everything has turned against you. It is not very often that I feel as if I’m on top of the world or that things go my way for that matter. I recall a day when everything went as I expected. Everything seemed to go smoothly it was a day when everything went right. One boring evening during first quarter break while looking though old pictures in my phone I started thinking of how much Ive enjoyed Napa every time Ive gone, and how much i missed it so, I thought I should take my mom on a day trip to Napa Valley since she had never been. I decided to call my cousins and asked if they wanted to join; they agreed, so we decided on meeting up in Napa Valley the very next day. The next morning,I got up early to get ready for the day ahead of me. My mom and I packed a few things to make sandwiches and some fruit among other things for a picnic, and we were on our way to Napa Valley.

The one and a half hour car drive went smooth there was no traffic, and it was a great opportunity to chat with each other. As we got into Napa, we stopped at a few nice places to take pictures, before meeting with my cousins and arriving at our destination. We finally arrived at Castello di Amorosa a Tuscan style castle and winery where we met my cousins. We started off with a guided tour of the castle where we learned about the architecture and different styles of the castle, got to enjoy the breathtaking views from the towers of the castle and got to see different tunnels, wine cellars and even the torture room.

Our tour ended in the cool basement of the castle where we got to sample some italian wines including my favorite sparkling dessert wine La Fantasia. Our next stop was Sterling vineyards; This was my fist time at this winery so I had no idea what to expect. We took a gondola to the actual winery which sat on top of a giant hill. The views on the gondola ride to the top were beautiful. There was a giant pond with lily pads and a fountain and we were even able to see Castello di Amorosa in the distance. once at the top of the hill We were greeted with a wine glass which we got to keep and a tasting of the 2012 Malvasia Bianca (this was my favorite at this winery). We were then told to feel free to take a self guided tour.

The tour ended on the upper deck where we were able to sit down, relax with our last wine tasting, some cheese,crackers and cold cuts and enjoy the amazing views of napa valley. The next and final stop was old faithful geyser in Calistoga where we had a family picnic, and got to see and feel some farm animals. We also learned about hot springs and best of all got to see a geyser erupt. Its not often that I have days when everything goes right, most of the time it is the complete opposite. This day was perfect; the weather was nice, the wineries were exciting and informative, and the company was the best part. I am looking forward to another day like this.

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