A Delicate Operation

11 November 2016

A Delicate Operation” a magazine article by Roy C. Selby Jr. is very informative and really puts Selby’s talent as a writer on display. Selby showed the ability to capture the reader’s attention and hold it till the very last word. Selby really impressed me with many aspects of his story telling. He accomplished creating this enticing attention grabbing article by flawlessly using many writing techniques like imagery and setting the serious mood One thing about his writing that stood out from the very beginning was the inordinate amount of detail that was put into the article.

Not only did Selby cite the necessary medical procedures and terms that were used throughout the process, but he also described the procedures in a more simplistic way so that even the average reader can comprehend. This descriptive way of writing was very effective and magnified the already serious tone of the article and allowed the reader to understand exactly what’s going on.

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The best part about his writing was the way he paints a picture of everything that occurs in the reader’s head. While reading it’s easy to really see every single aspect of the gory procedure Selby is describing.

This imagery is effective for two major reasons, one it again adds to the mood of the story and two it adds to the emotion and suspense. This style of writing really makes the reader identify with the character, creating a lot of sympathy and makes the reader feel obligated to keep reading till the end how the story turns out. Overall Selby proved to be a very good accomplished writer that knows how to keep the reader engaged. His way of writing is very enjoyable and effective at informing the reader without boring them

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