A Discussion of Christ Today

4 April 2015
The following essay discusses what Christ expects of a Christian today.

This paper reflects on how modern society is bombarded with ideals that press forward advanced knowledge, superior consumer products, and what may seem like a never-ending supply of pop-culture. It questions whether all the advances and pleasures that technology-based culture provides, fulfills us spiritually.
From the paper:

“Jesus Christ warned over two thousand years ago that in the last years the knowledge of the world would be much increased. He prophesied about many of the causes of strife and the very symptoms of our generation. He cautioned us about the deceptions and the evil that would abound abundantly. He foreboded that those who would try to live as he had lived would face a similar fate to his, which included ridicule, spite, and persecution. He asked us to never give up, even in the harshest adversities.”

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