A Divided Life Made Whole

6 June 2019

I am a product of two different ideologies: my dad, who very much dislikes the church, and the church itself. Along the way I have experienced the best of both worlds: the wise words of an experienced father, and the spiritual guidance of the church. These two worlds, vastly different, have been linked together into a suit of chainmail that is my life. Not easily broken by the strains of everyday life or the swords used by everyone around me, this chainmail makes me who I am.

My father raised me on good morals; he made sure I would not grow up to be a selfish and cruel man, but rather a kind and selfless one. My dad has been there next to me on all my decisions. When I wanted to join baseball as a child, he would try to become a coach for that team. Making sure I did the best I could and that I really had a positive experience from it, he involved himself in my life as much as he could. He made sure that I was interested in what I did, that I enjoyed it, that I cared enough to keep at it. He pushed me farther than any coach ever has, and in everything I have done too, whether it be a sport, or academics, or just my dedication to certain aspects of my life. For example, when I joined the church he was totally supportive despite the fact that he dislikes it. When I started attending a youth service regularly, he drove me to and from without any complaints. All the while, he kept reminding me I should choose what about religion I believe rather than let it be pushed on me by the church.
I am glad my dad told me this, otherwise I probably would have ended up like most β€œChristians” I know. They show up at church, and go home unchanged by the message received. When I go home, I apply the message to my life. When I go to school I apply the message. Everywhere I go, I apply the message of God to my life. I love the people around me, and try to show that in my actions. If I see someone in need of help I will help, and I often help out where it’s needed.
Like everyone else, I do make mistakes. However, with my morals by my father and the message of life by God, I choose the best choice, whichever it may be. The two together protect each other and make me a strong individual, not easily moved by unwanted matters.

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