A Fall Before Rising

2 February 2017

Review of the Literature Brief Summary the Story Ramchandran (Jai) Jaikumar had a passion for climbing mountains; he would head to his native India on a regular basis to pursue the love of climbing mountains. He would also spend four months per year as a climber and the reminder months as an engineer. Jaikumar was consider as an expert for climbing mountain because he was trained by expert mountaineers, so he knew what to do if he were happened to be in an bad situation.

The crisis began on a summer day in 1966, Jaikumar, an engineering student of the Indian Institute of Technology along with his climbing buddy went mountain climbing in order to reach the summit of the Himalayan mountain. Their “turnaround time” was suppose to end at 1p. m, they admire the view and were proud of their effort, they delayed the time knowing that the light was soon to fade. They eventually began to head back to high camp around 4 p. m. As Jaikumar and his friend began climbing back down, they were to be in a dangerous journey back because it was getting darker.

A Fall Before Rising Essay Example

They had to soon begin to feel their way downward by tapping their ice picks to the surface before them because the wind had created a cornice, a slab of ice and snow. The cornice began to stretched out into the air on the rocks, Jaikumar and his friend wasn’t able to see the rocks beneath a cornice so that means they wasn’t able to estimate how far it extend or how much weight it can hold. Since both realize that were in danger, they decide to untie their ropes that connected them, so therefore one wouldn’t pull the other to his death.

Eventually Jaikumar was in the lead after they split, as they both were climbing down, they heard an explosive sound. Both Jaikumar and his buddy had the instinct to jump to different sides of the mountain; it was a cornice that fell beneath them. As Jaikumar was tumbling down mountain, he got rid of all unnecessary gear, such as his ice axe so he wouldn’t pierce his body. He was sliding down more than one and one-half miles down mountain slopes. By the time, he reach the bottom, he was left with nothing except a few bars from a small pack.

Jaikumar was semi-conscious, he eventually tried to lift his self up and walk, but only to severe pain and he also concluded that his friend was nowhere to be found. He knew that his chance of survival was slim to none, but he was going to fight for his life. His main goal was to walk down the rest mountain before it came to the point where he wasn’t able to walk anymore. He didn’t know where he was and he knew he had to stay on his feet because if he had sat down, he might not be able to get back up. Jaikumar hiked took 24 hours in which his judged later that it should have only been a six or seven hour walk.

Suddenly, he heard a dog barking, Jaikumar was ecstatic because he knew a barking dog signify human life somewhere around. He came upon a small village in the Himalayas and noticed a small hut, as he approached, he collapsed. Upon his faint, there was an Shepherd woman attending to his wounds, although she wasn’t able to help him like she wanted to because he was in bad shape, she carried him down the mountain to the next village. The woman was by his side until everything was in place. Jaukumar was grateful of her generosity that she wanted to offer payment for her kindness, but she refused.

Overall Jaikumar made it to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed him with broken hip and fallen arches on both feet, but his injuries wasn’t permanent. But as of Jaikumar knowledge, his friend never been found and mostly likely is dead. Defining the problems along with recommendations After reading this piece of literature, the main issue was Jai and his partner made arrangement to climb up the mountain in which was a exceptional achievement, but the problem came into place when it was time for them to do their turnaround point, they pushed the time back a couple of hours.

They both knew the possible consequences if they waited later to head back to high camp. They also knew they were experience climbers, so it shouldn’t be a bad situation. According to the text, Business Ethics: Decision-Making for Personal Integrity and Social Responsibility, they should of thought of an ethical decision making routine before they decide to press time to climb down the mountain at a later hour. Jaikumar and his buddy could have talked about the consequences and the effort this could have instead of just making a decision hands downs just because they felt they were healthy and experience.

They should have already known to start heading back down especially if they had visualization of the light was fading and as the light the night fall the colder the weather was going to drop. Jaikumar and his friend could also talked to an expert climber, maybe the person who trained them but maybe they still wouldn’t of listen because they both knew the procedures if something when wrong. What is Moral and Immoral about the case? The moral issue about this case is that they were doing what they loved and invested many years of training and might be considered an expert at, mountain climbing.

Another issue that was moral about this piece of literature is the woman at the end of the story whom helped him regardless of know what type of person Jaikumar could be and where he was from, she also couldn’t communicate with him due to language barriers but she still wanted to help. She didn’t have to help Jaikumar if she didn’t want to because she could have been frightened of a stranger or maybe she simply just didn’t want to. The Shepherd woman helped because maybe she knew it was the right thing to do or maybe she would want someone to help her if she were in need of assistant.

The immoral issue in this case is basically how Jaikumar and his buddy didn’y plan the right procedures communication wise prior to this journey. If they were to a steady agenda and maybe stuck with it, things could have happened a little differently. Who and what are the stakeholder’s assumptions? The stakeholders who were affected by the accident were Jaikumar and his buddy. They wanted to enjoy the 24,000 feet above sea level so much longer; they assumed a couple hours longer would be good because they were experts.

They both also felt they were so healthy and had plenty of climbing knowledge under their belt about mountain climbing, they assumed going back down would be a piece a cake. As they began heading back down the mountain, the light was fading and it was getting cold enough that a cornice was forming, they assume if they something bad shall happen that they should untied the ropes that bound them so both of them wouldn’t go down together. They assumptions cause these problems as stated expected the departing of ropes, but if they made better planning, this incident could of somewhat been prevented by good decision-making skills.

The lady Shepherd is also a stakeholder but if she had never help Jaikumar, her assumption could of conclude that he will die, she would be responsible for Jaikumar death, or maybe it was her goodwill to do the right thing. Could this been avoided? This situation happened due to moral imagination, they had good intentions and all Jaikumar and his buddy wanted to do is experience what they enjoyed best, but unfortunately the mission went the wrong path. This situation could have been avoided with right decisions. The agreeable decision from taking their path was to enjoy life and live it to its fullest.

If this situation had never happened, they may had never gotten a chance to climb the Himalayan mountain and Jaikumar would had never gotten a chance to see the real role of survivor if you are put our in that zone. Jaikumar also wouldn’t have learned that there are still people out there that really care. He may have also learned to follow directions. Jaikumar and his buddy action were disagreeable because they should have known to follow the rules and not to break the rules in order to do what they have passion for. The schedule should have been kept and stayed the same as planned.

Conclusion In conclusion, I discussed the summary of the literature along with stating the problem, defining the problems along with recommendations, stated the morality and immorality about this piece of literature, explained the stakeholder assumptions, and stated my opinion about if this situation could of be avoid or not along with my agreement and disagreement. Overall this was an exceptional story because it though me the rule about not letting temptation get the best of me and importance of helping people the best way you can if they are in need.

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