A Father’s Work Ethic

1 January 2019

“They are just one for five this afternoon on third down, passing is the better decision for this play.” The commentators usually make my dad scream at the television. At my house when watching football, my dad analyzes the game as much as the commentators. Although on this Sunday afternoon my dad was surprisingly quiet, I just played my 8th grade football game and lost .That 10th consecutive loss must have sparked something in my father, he turned to me and said, “Matt, no matter what you do in life whether it’s a professional athlete or the local trash man, just be the best damn trash man or athlete you can be.”
My father followed his own advice. Owning his own remote starter and car radio installation business for several years, he made many friends by doing an excellent job with his work and by being charismatic with his clients. I used to love taking apart the old radios when I was sitting in his shop. One day my dad just finished and was going to get some lunch, but a man walked in and said he just got back from the other shop down the street and that they didn’t install the radio correctly. My dad easily could have told this man he doesn’t take walk-ins, but my dad fixed the radio for him. I always think of this when I’m asked to stay later or help someone out. Being the best father figure he could be. Dad sacrificed his business to work at a college as a groundskeeper so that my sister and I could attend it for a fraction of the cost. He said right when he got the job that we did not have to attend that college, but the opportunity was there. Immediately I noticed he was accepted by his co-workers and bosses with open arms, and everyone at the college loved him, he came home one day with a plaque for his great work at all the hockey games. When I heard of his new success, he said it was because of his previous knowledge about the equipment he uses, but I knew it was because my dad was trying to be the best groundskeeper he could possibly be.
Until the age of sixteen, I did not have the worldly experience to be my best other than at school, home, or on the football field. However, when I went into high school and was hired at a grocery store I took my fathers’ advice. After a year of working at the grocery store, the managers praised and awarded me for my hard work. I have even been recognized by the owners for my dedication and work ethic by receiving 5 dollar store coupons. I also try hard to become the best football and lacrosse player I can be. By the end of my junior year by following my father’s advice, I was named captain of the football team, and to a varsity lacrosse position.
Going in to college I will still be following my father’s advice. In college I will try my hardest to be the best student I can be no matter what major I choose or what class I am in. College will help me be the best productive citizen I can be. I will be the best trash man or professional athlete I can be until I’m sixty, and then I will become the best chess player or bingo player I can be.

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