A Flair for the Dramatic/Selfish Machines by Pierce the Veil

1 January 2020

Pierce the Veil

Starting out as a local band from San Diego, vocalist and guitarist Vic Fuentes, drummer Mike Fuentes, guitarist Tony Perry, and bassist Jaime Preciado have become band mates for their band Pierce the Veil. After becoming more than just a local band, the band got signed to Equal Visions Records. So far both albums are still under the same recording company.

A Flair for the Dramatic/Selfish Machines by Pierce the Veil Essay Example

The very first album ‘A Flair for the Dramatic’ was released June 26th 2007, with eleven total tracks. Pierce the Veil’s first music video was ‘Currents Convulsive’. Their single from the first album ‘Yeah Boy and Doll Face’ was their second music video which was launched in 2008. They released their third video in 2009 for their other single ‘Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides’.

On June 22 2010, Pierce the Veil released their second studio album ‘Selfish Machines’. Being asked about the albums title ‘Selfish Machines’ this is what Vic said, “We are all in one way or another selfish machines,” he went on to say, “In no way is this a negative thing, it’s human nature. We all have natural tendencies to want, love, and take. When it comes down to it, humans have animal like qualities that we keep inside and even try to deny—but no matter how morally good someone may think they are or try to be, we are still humans,” I remember waking up that morning and going onto iTunes to buy it the same day it came out. The track list has twelve brand new songs. I love Pierce the Veil and am very happy with the outcome of their album. As for their second album, the only released music video for ‘Selfish Machines’ is ‘Caraphernelia’, the first single from the album.

Seeing Pierce the Veil live at The Vans Warped Tour really made me realize how great of a band they are. They sounded amazing live, and the energy they have on stage was incredible. The lyrics to their songs have meaning, which involve real life situations that involve the band. The song ‘Caraphernelia’ is about how when a couple isn’t together any longer, the guy still wants to be with the girl, because he can’t forget her even though she have moved on. Everyone might have a different view on the meaning, but that’s my take on it.

Something that I like about their music is that they’re not just one genre. Their songs don’t all sound the same. They can vary from Screamo to Progressive rock, and even have some more melodic sounding songs. They’ve toured a lot, being a part of many music festivals and events, such as The Gamechangers Tour, Bamboozle Left, The Vans Warped Tour and This Is a Family Tour.

If you haven’t checked out this band yet, you definitely should. Pierce the Veil is a band you won’t regret listening too.


Pierce the Veil
Equal Vision Records
20 May 2011
; http://www.equalvision.com/artist/Pierce_The_Veil;

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