A Friend: Description

4 April 2017

A friend is a person with whom we spend most of our time. It is very important to spend enjoyable with them. The time we spend with our friends is precious and shouldn’t be wasted. There are some characteristics that a friend should have such as being intelligent, having sense of humor, or being reliable. In my opinion, the most important characteristics, which were mentioned, is having sense of humor. To my way of thinking, a friend doesn’t have to be very intelligent because getting higher grades is not important for all the people. I can’t judge my friend when she gets low marks.

It also doesn’t mean that she is successful, she can be very creative and succeed in arts or music. So we should never judge people according to their intelligence. A person who is not very intelligence can be a very helpful and friendly person. Sense of humor is a very important characteristic that every people should have. If one doesn’t have a sense of humor, then he doesn’t care about other people’s feelings and behaves very badly, thinking only of himself. I don’t what that kind of person to be around me, because he makes everybody around him uncomfortable because of his selfishness.

If one has a sense of humor, than he is there whenever you are in need of him, he does everything he can. Sense of humor brings other characteristics such as being helpful, thinking of other people. And all these characteristics are very important for a friendship to be long lasting. I would like my friend to listen to my problems and give me advices. His thoughts are very important for me because I’m sure he thinks the right way objectively. He thinks of a matter deeply and helps me to make my decisions.

If my friend hadn’t had a sense of humor, he would not try to help me and leave me confused with my problems. If my friend hadn’t had a sense of humor, he would not take me to the cinema when I had problems with my parent, I would be in my room crying and thinking how to solve the problem. Finally, I can say that if someone has a sense of humor than he also has other characteristics such as being helpful, caring about others, trying to solve friends’ problems. And all these characteristics are very important for everybody in order to have a long lasting friendship.

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