A Frightening Experience

2 February 2017

I’m not a scary person easily, but I have to admit one night I saw a terrorist attack on my heart. It was a moonlit night. I’ve come home to a foot from a town several miles away. It was the first night of my life that I have been out alone. The road along which I walk is not used much at night. Even during the day, it is only used by people who have worked in the rubber and banana plantations along the way. When I was walking, I could hear the noise squirrels, insects and owls.

The world that love the night creatures like bats is very positive, and has hundreds of darkness. All this does not, however, frighten. I held a stick in my hand and move quickly to my home for dinner. Then, suddenly, I caught the sigh of an old woman, a short distance. Her head was covered with a white cloth, and she waved to me. Curious to know why she was there at that time of night, I stopped for a while. When I got there, however, vague memories of stories about ghosts started back to my mind. Soon I was gripped with fear and my heel.

A Frightening Experience Essay Example

I ran as fast as I could, and when I reached home, I could hardly speak. However, the next day, I visited the place again to make sure that the woman is actually a real person and not a ghost. But I can find no footprints there. Just a banana stand there with its leaves move in the wind. Then I realized that it was the banana tree with its leaves move in the wind looks like a woman waving her hand. I was actually making a fool of myself, but after the experience of the night before, this discovery is a small relief to me.

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