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8 August 2017

& # 8217 ; s Tale Essay, Research Paper

Concluding assignment

Novel Analysis

The servant? s narrative


Gerald F. Curial

Table of contents

Introduction 1

A. Analyzing a Short Narrative or Novel.

Outline of key-events 2

Word picture 3

Use of Frequency 4

Theme ( s ) 4

Narrative technique 4

Plot and tenseness 4

Style 4

B. Discussion inquiries 5

Personal rating 5


? The servant? s narrative? was recommended to me by Vanessa Arendsz. She was a pupil at the H.A.N.

? The servant? s narrative? is about a adult female that narrates her narrative. The narrative of how she struggles in a society where adult females have lost their freedom. She urgently wants to see her girl once more, and she is willing to make anything to acquire her girl back.




& # 61623 ; Offred remembers walking with her female parent, who was a liberated adult female, through a park, where adult females were firing erotica books and magazines.

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& # 61623 ; Offred autumn in love with Luke. Luke had already been married.

& # 61623 ; The president of the democracy of Gilead and a batch of members of Congress were killed, money was abolished and the Constitution was suspended.

& # 61623 ; Strong steps were taken against immoral patterns.

& # 61623 ; The bank histories of adult females, who were individual or married to a divorced adult male, were blocked and the adult females were obliged to discontinue from their occupations.

& # 61623 ; Offred and Luke tried to get away from the Republic, but they fail and she lost Luke and her girl.

& # 61623 ; Offred is taken to the Red Center, Rachel and Leah Re-education Center, where the? Aunts? took attention of them.

& # 61623 ; The Handmaids are non allowed to speak to each other and are merely allowed to travel outside the edifice twice a twenty-four hours for short walks.

& # 61623 ; Moira, an old friend of Offred, tried to get away from the Center, but failed and after being tortured she could non walk for a hebdomad.

& # 61623 ; Moira tried to get away from the centre and she succeeded in it.

& # 61623 ; Handmaid are obliged to see old erotica movies, to see how adult females where treated, and movies about unwomen.

& # 61623 ; Offred is transferred to the house of a Commander and his married woman Serena Joy.

& # 61623 ; Ofglen is assigned to walk with her when they to the bosom of the Republic. They are supposed to descry each other.

& # 61623 ; On their manner back they walk along the Wall to see the hanging organic structures. The organic structures are a consequence of the Salvagings.

& # 61623 ; In the summer Handmaid? s change their frocks.

& # 61623 ; Once a month Handmaids are taken to the physician to make a gestation trial.

& # 61623 ; The physician offered Offred aid, because she was non pregnant. But she refused, because it is illegal and the penalty is decease.

& # 61623 ; Each month the Ceremony took topographic point and the Commander read the same passages out of the Bible.

& # 61623 ; Ofwarren gave birth to a miss, but her Commander? s married woman took the babe off.

& # 61623 ; Offred and the Commander began run intoing in the eventide, and sometimes he gave her a present.

& # 61623 ; Because Offred could non acquire pregnant from the Commander, Serena offered her to do sex to Nick ( the driver ) . If Offred accepts, Serena will demo her a image of her girl.

& # 61623 ; The Commander took Offred to a party to a nine, where they do things that are purely out ( e.g. cocottes ) .

& # 61623 ; Offred met Moira in the nine and Moira told her how she escaped and was caught.

& # 61623 ; Offred started seeing Nick each eventide.

& # 61623 ; One twenty-four hours they went to a Salvaging. There they killed a adult male, who was accused as a raper. But he truly was a member of the belowground motion.

& # 61623 ; On the following walk another Handmaid has replaced Ofglen. The former Ofglen committed self-destruction.

& # 61623 ; They came and take Offred off in a black new wave. She was accused of? Violation of State Secrets? .

& # 61623 ; Professor Pieixoto is analysing the tapes of Offred during a convention.

Word picture:

Offred ( round character )

1. Offred ( in the beginning of the narrative )

Object: to remain alive and non be brainwashed

Motivation/stimulus: non clear

Receiver: herself

Helper ( s ) : her memoirs

Adversary: the government

2. Offred ( mid-story )

Object: to function the commanding officer and hold a good clip

Motivation/stimulus: desire for life.

Receiver: herself and the commanding officer

Helper ( s ) : the commanding officer

Adversary: no 1

3. Offred ( in the terminal of the narrative )

Object: to remain alive and flight from the centre

Motivation/stimulus: her girl, who was still alive.

Receiver: herself

Helper ( s ) : Dent

Adversary: Serena Joy

End: She escaped from the state


Object: to get away from the centre.

Motivation/stimulus: her desire for freedom.

Receiver: herself

Helper ( s ) : herself

Adversary: the aunts

End: she becomes a cocotte.

There is non much development in this character.

The commanding officer 1

Object: to follow the philosophy of the Republic of Gilead


Receiver: Himself

Helper ( s ) : Serena Joy and

Adversary: no 1

The commanding officer 2

Object: to hold a good clip by making out things.

Motivation/stimulus: ennui of the humdrum of his house.

Receiver: himself

Helper ( s ) : Offred

Adversary: Serena Joy

End: Offred flights and leave him entirely.

Serena Joy

Object: to hold kids ( no affair what it will be ) .

Motivation/stimulus: the fact that she can non hold kids of her ain.

Receiver: herself

Helper ( s ) : the servants, Nick, the aunts and the commanding officer.

Adversary: the commanding officer ( he was non fertile )

End: proposes Offred to kip with Nick in exchange she would demo Offred a image of Offred? s girl.

There is non much development in this character.

Use OF Frequency:

( Imagery, word picture, symbols, temper, etc. )

The names Of & # 8230 ; like Offred, Ofwarren or Ofglen, indicate to which individual they belonged. For case, Ofwarren belonged to person named Warren.

The Aunts symbolized the abuse of power of the government.

The colourss of the frocks of the Handmaids showed the rank division of the Handmaids.

THEME ( S ) :

Exploitation of adult females:

The adult females who were non married or married to a adult male who was divorced, were used to bear kids.

Misuse of power:

Womans were merely send to place from their work. They ( the people who were in power, non the authorities ) took ownership of all the money that they had on their history.

The fundamental law was suspended.

Misuse of the philosophy of the Bible:

Owing to the fact that the birth rate had dropped in the Gileadean Republic, they decided that more kids should be made. So they decided to follow the illustration of Jacob and his two married womans. Jacob made the retainers of his married womans pregnant, because his married womans couldn? t give him more kids.

Peoples were killed during the? salvagings? ( Christ died so that we could be saved from our wickednesss ) . So people who were accused of being rapists, disloyal to their commanding officer or immoral were sentenced to decease. Because it was merely in this manner that their psyche could be saved from snake pit.


Womans were obliged to hold sex against their will.

Womans were divided into groups of different degree. The colour of their apparels showed to which group they belonged.


The narrative technique used in this book of Margaret Atwood is of the? I-person within the narrative? . The focalisator is dependable, because she tells her narrative in really clear manner, so that it is easy to understand even when the narrative line is suddenly cut by flashbacks. I think that that is what helped her to maintain a clear head. Because even through all the wretchedness the memories of her yesteryear and her hope to run into Luke and her girl once more, that helped her non to breakdown.


& # 61623 ; During the narrative the chief character is invariably afraid of being caught during out Acts of the Apostless.

& # 61623 ; The author used the scenically technique to make an ambiance of suspense. For illustration the chapter of? Salviging? was as exactly told as possible so that the reader could experience him-/herself as apart of the narrative.


Margaret Atwood? s manner of authorship is hard to follow. In? The servant? s tale. ? she used a batch of words I had ne’er heard in my life ( I was invariably looking for words in the lexicon ) , the reading was reasonably tough. In the get downing the narrative is like a mystifier with a batch separated pieces, but as I was reading I started seeing the links in the narrative.

The narrative does non incorporate any sort of wit. But at a certain minute I thought that the author was mocking the society of Israel, Irak, Turkey and all the other states where adult females are dressed like the adult females in the narrative.



& # 61623 ; If you were in power of such a society, would you handle adult females like that?

& # 61623 ; Why does it sometimes seem that non adult male, but adult females are in power in this society?

& # 61623 ; Why does it look that the narrative is a sarcasm of the life in Eastern states.

Personal Evaluation

This book by Margaret Atwood is really good. It is astonishing. In the beginning it is a spot hard to follow the narrative line, because of all the flashbacks. But at a certain minute in the narrative all the pieces fall together and the narrative becomes clear to the reader.

It was because of this sort of technique that the author created a sort of ambiance that made me funny. I wanted to cognize how it was traveling to stop.

At a certain minute I even started experiencing like one of the servants. I could experience their hurting, their sorrow, their hatred, etc. That is why I enjoyed this book. It makes you experience that you are one of the characters.

The linguistic communication, which was used in the book, was non hard to understand. I did non utilize my lexicon a batch. But I have to state that it is non so good written as? I know why the caged bird sings. ?


A handmades narrative ; Margeret Atwood


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