A Holy Nation Essay Research Paper A

7 July 2017

A Holy Nation Essay, Research Paper

A Holy Nation Essay Research Paper A Essay Example

A Holy State

After making the universe, a Eden for human sort, God is forced to ostracize Adam and Eve because they disobey His orders to non eat fruit from the tree of wisdom. This consequences finally in the autumn of adult male to earth. Immediately from the beginning of his clip on Earth, adult male chooses non to follow the way set before him by God but alternatively spreads evil throughout the universe. Therefore, the built-in job worlds face is the force per unit area to justice between good and evil, the demand to draw a bead on to be like God. God & # 8217 ; s first solution to this job was to deluge the universe killing everyone, but those on Noah & # 8217 ; s arch. God realizes, nevertheless, that this is non an reply to the job that worlds are, and decides upon a 2nd solution, that being the Holy Nation of Israel.

God creates Israel, so that the Holy Nation and its history can function as a guiding-light to the universe. Israel is hence an illustration in which the universe can look upon and larn from. A polar character within the great history of Israel, is the Holy Nation & # 8217 ; s first male monarch, King Saul. Saul epitomizes the debatable homo being, and his character to the full illustrates human pride, the demand to lift up and be like God in judging what is right and incorrect. This pride is finally the cardinal beginning of all other wickednesss.

The regulation of Saul over the people of Israel is a major turning point for the Holy Nation, for it marks the terminal of a line of Judges and begins a line of Kings. Saul is anointed male monarch of Israel due to the wickedness of the people of Israel. The citizens of Israel, notice non merely that Samuel, the Judge, was turning old, but besides that his boies, whom he appointed to win him as Judge, & # 8220 ; did non follow their male parent & # 8217 ; s ways but were purpose on their ain net income, taking payoffs, and corrupting the class of justness & # 8221 ; ( 8:3 ) . As a consequence the people demanded a male monarch be appointed to govern over them, even after they were given a grave warning of the hereafter king & # 8217 ; s tyranny ( 8:10-8:18 ) . Because the Israelites reject the order of Judges, they thereby reject God & # 8217 ; s word that He will salvage them, and have, as a consequence, lost religion in God. God states to Samuel, & # 8220 ; Listen to the people and all that they are stating ; they have non rejected you, it is I whom they have rejected, I whom they will non hold be their King & # 8221 ; ( 8:7 ) . In malice of His people & # 8217 ; s transgress against Him, nevertheless, God finds a male monarch to govern over Israel, and chooses Saul.

In the beginning Saul is a strong and low leader to his people. When is uncle inquiries him about Samuel & # 8217 ; s comments, Saul replies, & # 8221 ; & # 8216 ; He told us that the donkeys had been found & # 8217 ; & # 8230 ; but he did non reiterate what Samuel had said about his being king & # 8221 ; ( 10:16 ) . He does non state his uncle that he is to go male monarch of Israel because he is non cocksure and disdainful in his place as swayer over God & # 8217 ; s chosen 1s. Furthermore, Saul becomes really avid and effectual leader when he chooses to & # 8220 ; [ take ] a brace of cattle, cut them in pieces, and [ send ] courier with the pieces all through Israel to proclaim that the same would be done to the cattle of any adult male who did non follow [ Samuel and himself ] to conflict & # 8221 ; ( 11:5 ) . Saul & # 8217 ; s first Acts of the Apostless and first successes as king prove non merely that he possesses the qualities of a good leader, but besides reinforces in the head of the people that he is God & # 8217 ; s chosen.

Saul & # 8217 ; s first triumphs against the state & # 8217 ; s enemies cause great joy and exhilaration amongst the Israelites. During this minute of rejoicing, Samuel gives a warning to the people of Israel that is more directed towards Saul himself. Samuel provinces, & # 8220 ; If you will idolize the Lord and give true and loyal service, if you do non arise against his bids, and if you and the male monarch who reigns over you are faithful to the Lord you God, good and good, but if you do non obey the Lord, and if you rebel against his bids, so his custodies will be against you and against your male monarch & # 8221 ; ( 12:14-15 ) . Here, Samuel is effectually warning against the built-in homo job, stating the people non of all time to replace God & # 8217 ; s opinion for one & # 8217 ; s ain opinion. Although this is merely a warning, it comes at a really unexpected clip and foreshadows Saul & # 8217 ; s ageless autumn signifier God & # 8217 ; s good favour.

Saul & # 8217 ; s errors and wickednesss toward God Begin in his really following run against the Philistines. & # 8220 ; The Philistines mustered to assail Israel ; they had thirty 1000 chariots and six thousand Equus caballus, with foot every bit countless as the sand on the coast. The Israelites found themselves in sore passs, for the ground forces was hard pressed, so they hid themselves in caves and holes and among the stones, in cavities and cisterns & # 8221 ; ( 13:5-6 ) . Upon this hapless image of his countrymen Saul begins to doubt God & # 8217 ; s promise to salvage His people, therein lies Saul & # 8217 ; s fatal error, and adult male & # 8217 ; s footing for wickedness. As a consequence Saul chooses to moving in the mode of heathens, make whole-sacrifices in order to & # 8220 ; guarantee the Lord & # 8217 ; s favor & # 8221 ; . Although giving to God may look little and excusable, the ground for which Saul chooses to move in this mode is non. Saul has shown that he has lost his assurance in God, and that his actions no longer correspond to God & # 8217 ; s wants because he can some how justice between right and incorrect for himself. At this point Saul & # 8217 ; s ruin is non to the full evident to the reader, but Samuel is able to see through to Saul & # 8217 ; s lifelessly wickedness. Samuel provinces, & # 8220 ; You have acted foolish

ly! You have non kept the bid laid on you by the Lord your God ; if you had he would hold established your dynasty over Israel for all clip. But now your line will non digest ; the Lord will seek out a adult male after his ain bosom, appoint him prince over his people, because you have non kept the Lord’s command” ( 13:13-14 ) . Samuel’s words at this point seem far excessively drastic, but Samuel makes this statement because he is able to acknowledge that Saul’s broken concluding can merely take to more utmost wickednesss against God.

During Saul & # 8217 ; s following run against the Amalekites, Samuel & # 8217 ; s warning comes to fruition, and now non merely is God and Samuel able to see Saul & # 8217 ; s evident defects, but so can the reader. God straight commands Saul during a clip in which & # 8220 ; the word of the Lord was seldom heard, and there was no spring of vision & # 8221 ; ( 3:1 ) , saying, & # 8220 ; Go now, autumn upon the Amalekites, destruct them, and put their belongings under prohibition. Spare no 1, put them to decease, work forces and adult females, kids and babes in weaponries, herds and flocks, camels and donkey & # 8221 ; ( 15:3 ) . Fully understanding the bids that God gave him, Saul goes straight into conflict with the Amalekites, yet he chooses non to obey God & # 8217 ; s word, in malice of the strong accent that was put on the right class of Acts of the Apostless he should hold taken due to God & # 8217 ; s rare direct direction. & # 8220 ; Saul inflicted licking on the Amalekites & # 8230 ; but Agag male monarch of the Amalekites he took alive & # 8230 ; and his ground forces spared the best of the sheep and cowss, the fat animals and the lambs, and everything worth maintaining ; these they were unwilling to destruct, but anything that was useless and of no value they destroyed & # 8221 ; ( 15:7 ) . Therefore Saul as acted out in entire rebelliousness of God. He no longer follows the word of God, but alternatively has acted out of his ain will. His rejection of the word of the Lord consequences in his loss of the Kingdom of Israel as prophesized by Samuel who took Agag and & # 8220 ; hewed [ him ] in pieces & # 8221 ; .

Saul & # 8217 ; s actions at Amalek go a polar point in Saul & # 8217 ; s life because God does non back up him any longer ; he has loss his anointing as King of Israel. The statement that ensues between Saul and Samuel is a most powerful piece of symbolism. & # 8220 ; As [ Samuel ] turned to travel, Saul caught the corner of his cloak and it tore. & # 8221 ; ( 15:27 ) . At this point Saul is standing like a guilty kid, pitiably keeping onto a shred of fabric. This image marks the start of Saul & # 8217 ; s drastic ruin.

A new male monarch is revealed to Samuel, by God, as being David. God besides anoints David as King of Israel, showing a major struggle since there are now two male monarchs of Israel. David is besides appointed commanding officer of Israel & # 8217 ; s ground forces and succeeds in conflict, routing his enemies a figure of times. As a consequence Israelites begin stating, & # 8220 ; Saul struck down Thousands, but David 10s of 1000s & # 8221 ; ( 18:7 ) . This causes Saul to go thick with green-eyed monster of David, and shortly Saul is seen hurtling lances seeking to slay David, yet David surprisingly is able to dodge certain decease. & # 8220 ; After this Saul was afraid of David because he saw that God had forsaken him and was with David, [ who ] led his work forces into action and succeeded in everything that he undertook & # 8221 ; ( 18:12 ) . Yet Saul continues to prosecute and seek to slay David, a clear agent of God.

Therefore, Saul has finally developed on three separate degrees. On the first of these degrees, he foremost begins to doubt God & # 8217 ; s power and word when he sees the monolithic Philistine ground forces and makes a forfeit to guarantee God & # 8217 ; s support. This first wickedness easy progresses onto a 2nd degree, when Saul chooses to openly withstand God and decides to save Agag. In his concluding degree of development, Saul has deteriorated into an evil individual seeking for a manner to destruct God & # 8217 ; s good work. Although it is absolutely clear that God protects David, Saul continues to seek and kill him. At this junction Saul finds himself entirely ; his boy is on David & # 8217 ; s side, his girl is on David & # 8217 ; s side, his people are on David & # 8217 ; s side, and most significantly God is on David & # 8217 ; s side. Therefore, Saul must decease and give manner to David, yet David is unwilling to kill God & # 8217 ; s anointed one, and the Philistines are kept from putting to death Saul because they are all uncircumcised. The concluding solution nowadayss itself when Saul is injured and & # 8220 ; thereupon [ he ] took his ain blade and fell on it. Once Saul is dead as a consequence of his ain manus, David is king and he is non stained with the blood of another anointed male monarch.

Saul & # 8217 ; s patterned advance from God & # 8217 ; s take male monarch to king against God comes full circle. He came from the wickedness of the people and hence he must decease when he returns to that wickedness. Saul & # 8217 ; s narrative serves as an illustration of human nature & # 8217 ; s need to judge for itself in its purest signifier. This demand is really debatable, as we have seen, because worlds can merely see the obvious cause and effects that present themselves throughout life. & # 8220 ; The Lord does non see as a mortal sees ; persons see merely visual aspects but the Lord sees into the bosom & # 8221 ; ( 16:7 ) . As worlds our perceptual experiences are imperfect, and as a consequence we can non perchance judge what is right and what is incorrect. Therefore, the most basic human wickedness is so necessitate to go like God in doing these opinions that we can non perchance do with any truth what so of all time. Saul embodies pure pride and is apart of Israel & # 8217 ; s development into a state that will finally function as a usher to the universe because he is a theoretical account of what worlds must keep themselves organize making and being.

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