A Journey

At nine months I learned to walk. At the age of five I learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. In kindergarten I learned that I’m allergic to peanut butter. In second grade, on September 11th, 2001, I learned that there is a lot of evil in the world. In fourth grade I learned how to do long division after having several mental breakdowns. In fifth grade, I learned that I sing like a dying animal while trying out for the school play, “The Little Mermaid.” In sixth grade I learned that change can be a good thing as I entered middle school and made new friends. In seventh grade I learned that I love the city of Boston after a school trip there. In ninth grade I learned that I hate geometry. In tenth grade I learned how to light a Bunsen burner. In eleventh grade I learned about rhetorical strategies in AP English.

I’ve been alive for 17 and a half years and I’ve learned a lot. But I’m still learning. I’m learning new formulas, new words, new theories, new lessons and I’m learning about myself.

I’m only 17 years old, and I still have a lot of things that I need to learn about myself. I don’t know how I feel about abortions. I don’t know if I’m a Republican or a Democrat. I don’t know if I’ll ever get married. I don’t know how I feel about the death penalty. I don’t know if I want to be a forensic scientist or a writer.

When looking at the big picture, I don’t know much, but I do know that I love learning. I love knowing that I don’t know everything. I love knowing that there are tons of books that I haven’t read. I love knowing that there are hundreds of countries that I’ve never been to. I love knowing that there is a whole world out there that I have yet to learn about. I want to learn about it all.

I hope to travel the world one day. I think that traveling is the best way to learn. Learn about other people, learn about other cultures, learn about life, learn about yourself. I’ve always wanted to travel – to go someplace new and explore. Someplace where no one knows me.

In sixth grade I made a pact with a group of my friends – we would travel to Australia after we graduated high school, and we would raise dingos and koalas. We all signed a piece of paper while sitting in art class. We were determined to make it happen. Looking back, that was obviously an unrealistic plan. We’re not all friends anymore. No parents would let a group of teenagers travel to Australia by themselves. We didn’t know the first thing about dingos or koalas. And we totally disregarded the fact that we would be preparing for college after high school. Although our initial plan did not work out, my desire to go to Australia still lives on.

In my life time I hope to go to Australia and swim in the Great Barrier Reef and learn about the animals that live there. I hope to go to Austria and ski the Alps. I hope to go to Spain and attend a soccer game. I hope to go to China and visit the Great Wall. I hope to go to Greece and see the Parthenon. I hope to travel to Ireland and go to the county where my Grandpa grew up. I hope to go to Kenya and go on a safari. I hope to go to India and visit the Taj Mahal.

I think that traveling will allow me to learn. Learn all of the lessons that I have yet to uncover. Learn who I truly am. Learn what the world has to offer. Learn the secret to a happy life. Traveling will allow me to learn, and learning is the greatest gift that the world has to offer.

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