A Lack of Tech-Friendly Policies Means US Could Loose Its Lead Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The article “A Lack of Tech-Friendly Policies Means US Could Loose Its Lead” provides relevant treatment about deficiency of proper proficient inventions in the state. It is argued that the state strongly lacks proficient geographic expeditions. new in-migration workers policy and more low-cost instruction. The writer references that the US is a state with tremendous resources. venture capital and the best universities. but the state should move quicker to keep world’s taking place in technological domain.

I think that the article is really of import for country’s policy because it highlights current jobs and challenges. Nowadays engineerings are fleetly developing in many Asiatic states. particularly in China. Japan and Korea. and. in my sentiment. the US authorities should pay more attending to policies which encourage and promote technological inventions and scientific geographic expeditions in the energetic field. Actually. the state has adept applied scientists to interchange information and proper resources to use.

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A Lack of Tech-Friendly Policies Means US Could Loose Its Lead Essay Sample
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It goes without stating that the US is really powerful state in all domains. but nowadays the country’s authorities wages attending to contending terrorist act. war in Iraq. and racial favoritism and neglects the bedrock of economic issues which are considered the nucleus of country’s fight at the world’s scene.

I agree with the writer that “innovation starts from education” . and the fact that “too many pupils are dropping out of school. and excessively few are analyzing math and science” is truly dissatisfactory for me. I think that making more occupations. actuating pupils to larn. and increasing productiveness will excite technological development of the state. The writer is really persuasive as he offers relevant grounds and claims of cardinal political figures to escalate the feeling and do people cognizant of bing jobs. However. I don’t like the thoughts of working out new atom bombs. Space missions. in my sentiment. are of import as they help to understand our universe better.

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