A lesson i learned the hard way

8 August 2016

When I was little I let my imagination get me in a lot of trouble, I used to believe anything and everything anyone ever told me. Later as the years flew by I learned to trust no one, because eventually they would spill every secret, you ever told them. Another thing I learned the hard way was everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect. It was hard for me to believe people as well, I went through a lot when I was growing up. My mom went to jail when I was 8 years old, it was 3 years of lies and mistakes people had told me & made to keep me away from the filthy truth.

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They didn’t want to see me hurt or upset, but in reality I needed my mom… I was almost 10 when I started teaching myself to take care of myself on my own, like taking daily showers, brushing my hair & teeth, without being reminded, as well as taking care of my little brother and making sure he did the same. My dad couldn’t always come home and cook and clean, he was basically a tired single parent at the time trying to supply food, shelter, and water for us 4 kids.

Chase & Katelyn were never home, so I learned how to manage and get by as well as my dad. I cooked or helped dad with dinner almost every night, did dishes, and picked up the house for my dad’s sake. He appreciated it and finally told me to be a kid, but I knew I couldn’t in a way, I wanted to help. I enjoyed “playing” with Hunter when dad was at work, but to everyone else like the nosy stuck up neighbors I was his “slave”.

I don’t recall him ever forcing me too help out, he told me many Friday nights I could go to my friend’s house, it was I who wanted to be home with them, I could care less about slumber parties and sleep overs, because to me I understood family is more important, family is always there for you when no one else is and the friends I had then sure as heck aren’t here for me now. I learned in that three to four year time being how to be a kid, yet have responsibility, & quite frankly it wasn’t easy. I didn’t trust anyone because I couldn’t count on anyone.

All those times I missed the bus, there was no one to make sure my little brother didn’t have to miss, and take him to school. I would walk him to the elementary school, then walk myself to the middle school and begin my day. I grew up fast, time flew but it seemed like it was insanely slow. Later that year my mom got home, and life restarted and it’s better than ever. Everyone needs to take things more seriously, and realistically. You never know when life is going to smack you in the face and say; “here’s reality, enjoy it”

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