A Lesson In Teaching

3 March 2019

Love. Without it we could not reach ultimate happiness. The Corinthians said “If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing” (13: 1-13 line 2). With love absent from our lives, we could not live life to the fullest. We must love, and be loved in return to obtain the good life.
Love is a commitment that allows us to grow. The act of it introduces new life lessons and new feelings. As children we grow hearing all about love. In our minds we find true love in mom’s cookies and in our favorite toy. When we become more mature, we believe we better understand love; it’s not just another word for “like.” But when is it that we know we love someone? With love in our lives, we take risks. Antigone sacrificed herself for her brother “…if I must die I say that this crime is holy; I shall lie down/ with him in death and I shall be as dear/ to him as he to me” (lines 55-58). Without second thought she was willing to die for devotion of her brother. This is an example that love is not selfish. When we love someone, they are what truly matters and putting those we care about before ourselves is proof of that. When we accept a challenge, such as commitment, we are accepting a step towards living the good life.

When you hear definitions of love, you realize it is hardly defined the same by two people. It is looked upon differently by all eyes. While some of us might have the same overall conclusion of what love is, when put to words, we have different descriptions. Some find love in appearance, while others find it on a deeper level. I find that it goes past the surface of skin; love is family and true friends. When we’re born into a family, we automatically share a love that cannot be broken. And as we get older we really learn to love the people that share our blood. Love can not be a product of first appearance. It takes time and effort. My aunt and uncle met in the 8th grade, dated throughout high school and were married after college. They are still together to this day with a love so strong that nothing will break their relationship. I admire that. I think that anyone who has found an invincible form of love is most certainly living the good life.
Whatever love may be defined as in your eyes, we can agree that it brings the greatest satisfaction.

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