A Low against Smoking

1 January 2018

Everybody knows that the smokers throughout the world are more than abstainers. Actually nowadays campaigns against smoking are very modern, but I do not think so many people concern this problem like a great treat for health. There are too many other really serious throats for health and the nature, which are not even partially solved like industrial pollution, for example. On the other hand, there are people who live more than ninety years smoking without any health problems.

Everything moderate is good and health.Despite this, everybody has the right to choose what to do with his own health if it does not make problems for the people around him. Therefore, I think there should be a low arranging the smoking issues, but it should not be absolutely strict. It has to be very well thought over and the public opinion should be taken in mind. Anyway;ay, it is good for me smoking to be prohibited in public places.

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You know no one is obliged to breathe the smoke and the unpleasant to be smell. A long side with this there should be plans where smokers would fee good and would not disturb anybody.

Apart from low may be it is better to pay attention to the upbringing of children. They should be spoken to convince to play sports instead of wasting their time with smoking, taking drugs etc. In my opinion, this is the better way of solving the smoking problem. Therefore, a low against smoking should not be absolutely strict because of the danger of causing a series of problems. It should give the freedom to smokers to make their choice about their health. Alongside with this is should give the possibility to the other people not to breathe the smoke and to live and work in a healthy manner.

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