A Manifesto for the Position of School Prefect

6 June 2018

Colleagues, my reasons for vying for this position are very tangible and varied. Firstly, my personal qualities compelled me to vie for this enviable position. I am specifically referring to my high sense of discipline, hardworking, academically good, physically sound and friendly. These are not all, my astuteness, Honest and ability to turn adversity into advantage are just proverbial. Beloved student, a compound prefect should be descent and well discipline, dedicated and wiliness to serve his people with all diligence. These re qualities that I am not deficient in. I know by now most of you are wondering how I will be able to realize them, I am specifically referring to my tactics for achieving these. Colleagues, if you give me the mandate to serve you as your compound prefect for the 2013/2014 academic year, my first priority will be ensuring high sense of discipline, as discipline being the hallmark of every institution, I intend when giving the mandate, to build upon the already laid foundation of the school by my predecessor. To do this, I need your maximum cooperation and that of the administration, to see to it hat the discipline level of this institution has raising to our expectation both in mind and attitude to deal with the environmental challenges of this institute Zion. Beloved student, when you give me the mandate to serve you as your compound prefect, my next priority is helping the school create a conducive and a clean environment as the saying goes **cleanliness is next to To achieve a high degree of academics performance a clean environment is a major factor to consider. And also with help of the school administration provide all the necessary logistics as to ensure a clean and afar environment. Ladies and gentlemen, when you give me the mandate to serve you as your compound prefect, again I will ensure that with the help of the senior house master; provide enough brooms and scrubbing brushes to the various houses to undertake effective inspection. On the issue of grounds work, with the help of the administration, to ensure that at least every house will be provided with a mower as to reduce student using their strengths in weeding. Last but not the least, promise to live a life wealthy of emulation both on campuses and the dormitory, as for student to sake a leaf out of my note book. Do you remember the phrase leadership by example, promise to ensure a clean and a healthy environment. Old go on and on but the constraint of time will not allow me, I therefore wish to solicit to your overwhelming support so that I get the mandate to serve you as the compound prefect, as my motto goes **total service to mother to enable us achieve all the laudable aims and plains outline in my speech. I promise to discharge all my duties to abide by all conditionality’s and to rule in the interest of all. Long live Mother Cannas, Long live her Student. Thank you.

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