A Meal to Remember

4 April 2017

“ Hey! Sumlin, is it really u? ”, an excited screaming voice said, giving me a friendly slap on the shoulder. It was two weeks back at my cousin’s house, in celebration of her birthday party. She arranged a quite big party in the front garden of her house which was nicely decorated with flowers. There was also a band party to cheer the guests with different types of music’s. Everyone were enjoying the party with a great pleasure while I was sitting in a cradle and watching butterflies flying over the flowers with deep attention.

Suddenly when I heard the voice, I looked back and saw a young girl of my age who was wearing parrot green skirt with violet tops. As I was noticing the butterflies, so I was puzzled about saying anything to her. Perhaps, she understood my situation and sat beside with a smile. “Can’t u recognize me? ”, she said. I was mumbling. Then she showed me a card which was made by me and it had the word “MESURI” written on it. After seeing it, I was so delighted and overjoyed that a gave shout and hugged her with great pleasure because she was one of my best friends, ridhita.

When I was in seventh grade I left that school. Still after I have left the school we had contact through phones and we would meet either at her house or mine. In eight grades her father was transferred to another city with his family and it all happened in a sudden, that she could not contact me. I tried to call her for many times but her phone number was changed. That day I couldn’t recognize her because there have been no communication between us for seven long years.

Both of us were too much happy to meet again after such a long time. we walked in the garden holding each others hand. It felt just like the old times at school. We gossiped a lot at that day about how our life was going. When it was meal time and we were called to the dining tables and we sat together. The tables were full of delicious dishes which made our mouth water. My aunt came to serve us. First, my aunt served fried rice which is a traditional part of any feast, and then roasted chicken was brought out.

The rice was well cooked but wasn’t too oily, and the chicken was roasted brown, a bit overdone, just the way I and my cousins preferred. The crust outside was nice and crisp, yet the meat was tender and juicy inside. As I continued eating eagerly I noticed that she had also served shrimps, which was equally mouthwatering. Then she served us Chinese vegetables which had little piece of chickens and was super tasty. We also had good smelling beef curry in front of us. Cold drinks and fruit juices were also served. After the meal, we ate strawberry flavored ice-cream.

Finally, after almost an hour, all of us had finished our meal, and kept complimenting my aunt on what an amazing meal it was. It was one of the meals which I will never forget as the tastes of the foods were yummy and delicious. The other reason which had made the meal more significant was meeting my best friend after a long time. It gave my friend back to me. All the readers of this event may think what does the word “mesuri” meant. It is the mixture of the first two letters of three best friends mebanin, sumlin and ridhita.

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