Many countries specialize in producing the goods and services that are native to their part of the world. This specialization is the basis of global trade as few countries produce enough goods to be completely self-sufficient. In our company, the two of the shareholders are responsible with merchandising, manufacturing and personnel evelopment.

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The other 2 are responsible with the marketing and finance section. In manufacturing and finance sections we have enough number of specialized workers, but marketing and development is lack of specialized workers. Both of the two owners are administrating the business independently. The Company is very specialized in plasting. They manufacture the plasting machine by themself (Engin ERGњN). In Turkey he is the only one. This plasting is shaping the part of the machine. They are using it to give a shape to the dough kneading machine and the cauldron. They are also useful in tanker.

The formalized organizational structure focuses on roles and positions rather than the people In the positions. Formalization is the process of creating a formalized structure and Includes the maintenance of that formal structure over time. Formalization of an organizational structure Is commonly Initiated In an attempt to rationalize the decision-making process. The formalized organization is critical for the organization in which issues are known and changes are implemented slowly and purposefully. In this company the 4 of the owners are regulating the rules.

While in the working process, the two owners from the manufacture section are giving the decisions. Depending on the section that the workers are working they have to use special equipment. Inspectors are vlsltlng the company randomly every year

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