A Minute to Win It

1 January 2017

The ECHO cafe serves organic healthful foods, juices and coffee, and showcases handicrafts and products made from recyclable and sustainable materials from marginalized communities. ECHOstore gondola is a compact version of the cafe placed in hotels and airports. Lastly, the ECHOteach provides services that teach the community a sustainable livelihood. They are selling their products and providing their services to the A market, those who have disposable income and aware of social responsibility.

Also, they’re planning to have an expansion to malls and other countries and will have an innovative distribution of their products through “ECHO on WHEELS”. The business concept of ECHOstore is two thumbs up; market integration and innovation at the same time. They’re helping the community in many ways; they find a partner community that makes their ecofriendly, cultural and artisanal hand-made products, promotes organic products through selling organic foods and drinks, and promotes social responsibility by allowing the consumers on choosing products that are environmental friendly than those that aren’t.

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It is a great idea to combine services that gives the community sustainable livelihood programs, selling of organic food, cosmetics and handicrafts made out of recyclable materials, and holding activities such as lectures and seminars on sustainable living, climate change, health and wellness, and business ideas for the customers and the community as well. Pacita Juan and her business have created a good relationship among the community and the consumers. The business gives job opportunities for the community and promotes their outputs, and they gain through consumers patronizing their products.

The community gains knowledge and job opportunity from the ECHOstore and gives the consumers quality and ecofriendly products. The consumers gain awareness from the ECHOstore and gives back to them and the community thru patronizing the products. Choosing the A market or the people from upper-middle class to the upper class as their market was exactly the right thing to do. These consumers have enough money to purchase their product and could be more interested compared to the lower class in terms of doing social responsibility.

The pitch that Pacita Juan delivered is an excellent example of an elevator pitch. It is short but the important details are there, its aim or goal was clear. The way she delivered the message made me say “it would be great if we meet and talk more about your business”. For improvements, I think there are three points that should be focused on. First, they should pursue and develop the idea of “ECHO on WHEELS”. In this, they can reach those places that they haven’t reached yet or expanded yet.

It is better to go to the probable consumers than wait for them to come to your business. Second point would be ECHOstores should also produce products and services that the lower-middle class and possibly lower class can avail or afford. This is for the reason of promoting a better and sustainable environment, which is one of Pacita’s aims in the pitch. Lastly, expand the business in University and College campuses. Why? At this age, they are mature and responsible enough to understand the importance of the ECHOstore’s advocacy and actions.

These are also the type of market where consumers spend their money or allowance on less practical things unlike those in the working class. On the other hand, there are also points for improvement in the business pitch of Pacita Juan. She could add some pictures of the services the business offers, the community they have been helping, and other regular activities that happens on the ECHOstore, gondola, and ECHOteach . Also, some statistics of how her business helped their partner community, in terms of income, way of living, and sustainability.

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