A Move to a Better Life Essay Sample

9 September 2017

I ever ask the inquiry to myself. what would come of me if I would hold stayed and lived in my “hometown” . the metropolis of Long Beach for the entireness of my juvenile life. The populated metropolis is north of San Diego and about 20 stat mis south of the metropolis of Los Angeles. Common in most towns or metropoliss anyplace in the universe. there is what’s known as a friendly side of town and a bad. sketchy. or ghetto side of town. In Long Beach it is no different with it holding a well-known offense populated country. Where my household and I used to shack was on the more risky countries to populate in Long Beach because of non holding the most sum of money I’m certain my parents would hold liked. The vicinity was bulk Mexican and African-American populated throughout and I had a batch of Mexican friends turning up playing with them or holding them over to my house for a small drama day of the month.

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I used to discourse in Spanish a small spot with them and their parents and English every bit good but non fluently. It was a really multi-cultural manner of life because most of the family’s that lived there including ours were really traditional and household oriented.

On the down side it was besides a really gang populated town about where we lived and at the local High school around us. It was non the safest topographic point to turn up as a yearling but it was where my sister and I were born. In the summer on 2002 my male parent got a occupation chance to work in San Francisco and travel from his hometown and household ; he chose for my household and I to travel north 45 proceedingss of San Francisco to a little town of Petaluma and I believe that was the greatest thing that could hold happened to me and still is to this day of the month. My male parent could be one of the strongest work forces that I know in my life. He isn’t the most fit or healthy feeding peoples either but excels in the strength of the head and spirit. When me and my household moved up north 450 stat mis to get down a life of our ain I didn’t rather understand until the past few old ages how hard it was for my male parent to make so. We lived in Long Beach for the first 10 old ages of my life because of my male parent had a occupation for a company called Boeing and we didn’t want to hold him transpose.

We were merely a 20 minute thrust from the whole remainder of my dad’s household who lived in Santa Monica and we practically went to hold dinner or see them every other twenty-four hours. It was by and large all of our household and they had all been born and raised around Southern California and stayed and started their ain households at that place. Thus it would be about impossible to believe of that my male parent and female parent would travel us off from something so foreign. to a quite state life that is a complete 180 grades from a busy muggy metropolis life of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Though after speaking with my pa he told me of one narrative of one dark he was up late observation Television and he heard a clang ; a rummy driver had swerved onto our lawn but went past and drove into the side of our following door neighbor’s house. Besides subsequently that hebdomad my cousin. 18 at the clip. had been jumped on his manner place from school and my pa could merely conceive of if that happened to me. These two things were the breakage point for him and did non desire that sort of childhood for his ain childs. If you have seen the film Freedom Writers. it is based from Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach. California and that was the local high school I lived around and would hold attended when I grew to the appropriate age.

It is non as pack oriented every bit much as it was back when they made the film and book but still is a whole different universe than the simple. safe. state Casa Grande High School in Petaluma. I do love that I went there and made all the great friends that I have to today but compared to Woodrow. it was a bar walk of life. I used to non wish athleticss when I was smaller because my friends didn’t like to make it and didn’t start playing until I was in Petaluma because most all the childs I met did. I was merely nine or ten but I’m certain my parents wouldn’t have pressured me into playing if I didn’t want and what else would I have been making through junior high and high school with all that free clip with friends non being occupied by faculty members or sports. I don’t talk or see any of my old immature friends that I used to populate by and travel to Elementary School with. but I am friends with a few of them on Facebook and other societal web sites. A few of them are gang oriented or merely look like they have been through a unsmooth life and merely makes me believe about what life would be like if that were me or if I still lived at that place. I’m non stating they don’t enjoy their lives or they have non appreciated it but it is easy to state life is more unsafe and complicated there with offense. poorness around where they live and hang out.

Populating in Long Beach until the age nine and below I don’t recall most of the clip that I had populating at that place. I can remember a certain minute in every Christmas. birthday. or possibly a large household event. but other than that I don’t have the best memory of how life aspired. We lived in little to medium size two sleeping room house that my sister and I slept in the same room. I wasn’t allowed to be out in the forepart yard of all time if I wasn’t with my ma or pa. Once we moved to Petaluma it was a passage for all of us. At first I wasn’t able to kip for the first few hebdomads because it was excessively rather at dark until I got to the full adapted to the scenery. Besides my male parent and I found out that we had a batch more allergic reactions than we thought as we became reacted to wherever we went it had seemed like. I shortly after began subscribing up into baseball. hoops. and association football and I continue playing baseball until this twenty-four hours. But after the first few months we became adapted to the conditions. made friends. and fell in love with our new hometown. It’s weird to believe that one of the biggest determinations in my immature short life has been made for me and affected what I would hold been and what I am today.

I am highly thankful for the bravery my male parent and female parent had to take us and travel us off from the metropolis to the state. To give us a opportunity at an independent. simple life that we wouldn’t have to worry about anything but merely being childs. traveling to school. and populating our lives the manner we wanted. They merely wanted to give us the life that they were ne’er able to hold when they were our age. As Jon Krakauer said in his novel Into the Wild. “…make a extremist alteration in your life style and get down to boldly make things which you may antecedently ne’er have thought of making. or been excessively hesitating to try. So many people live within unhappy fortunes and yet will non take the enterprise to alter their state of affairs because they are conditioned to a life of security. conformance. and preservation. all of which may look to give one peace of head. but in world nil is more detrimental to the adventuresome spirit within a adult male than a unafraid future” .

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