A Movie Review: The Core

6 June 2016

The movie that I choose to review is The Core directed by Jon Amiel. This movie portrays an end of the world scenario that is right down an astronomer’s alley. Unlike most Sci-Fis that take the approach of some alien invasion or some possible threat of a major impact, The Core depicts destruction from within.

The movie opens with interference within Earth’s electromagnetic field. This event causes randomized disasters that gets the government’s attention. The government with thoughts of a possible attack on the US, summons leading experts in the field to access the situation. After some debriefings, the government decides that this was not an attack and simply brushes the situation over. Dr. Joshua Keyes, a geology professor, is unsettled with natural occurrences and investigates the situation further. His conclusions are mind wrenching. The Earth’s core is stalling and the outcome is certain destruction. In a race against time, a team of six highly trained individuals collaborated to devise a plan to put a stop to Earth’s ultimate destruction.

A Movie Review: The Core Essay Example

First, they had to find a way to kick start the Earth’s core. Not an easy task considering the Earth’s inner core boundary lies 1,800 miles below the surface. This is where the creative minds of the writers decide that the team drills their way to the core with technology that will never exist.

Lasers that instantly turn solid rock into molten liquid. Not to mention, the ship itself, Virgil, is built with a composite metal that can withstand the extreme pressures and conditions of Earth’s interior; not only does it withstand the conditions, it also has the ability to convert energy from the heat and the pressure actually makes the ship stronger. On the ship are several 5 megaton nuclear warheads. The mission is to deliver these to the core and detonate them to produce a reaction that will cause the core to return to its once stable condition.

The movie is not without drama as this was no natural occurrence. The event was actually caused by a weapon, project Destiny, that the US government developed that had the ability to cause massive earth quakes. In a test, Project Destiny interferes with Earth’s natural processes causing the stall in the first place.

On the journey down the crew finds themselves in several different life threatening situations, and eventually with the realization that their initial plan will not work. With the thought of mission failure, the government decides to turn to Project Destiny, the very cause of the problem. This is not without loss as this would ensure the death of the ones who journeyed to save it. During the several Crew members die on the mission; however, these deaths were not in vain as each death allowed the mission to progress.

With failure not being an option, the remaining crew put their minds together to devise an alternative plan while Rat a member on the outside infiltrates a highly secure network to delay the activation of Project Destiny. Instead of one big blast, the crew decides to segment the blast to create a ripple effect in order to generate the power necessary to kick start the core. After several heroic displays, the plan is set. However, the plan leaves the two remaining crew members without power and with no way out. This is when the unthinkable happens, the ship is turned into a self-sustaining power source and the two are able to escape and the mission is a success!

I think that the movie is an overall good movie. I found that I was entertained throughout. The movie also offered a lot of insight into the importance of our electromagnetic field and how without it the solar winds would rip or planet to pieces.

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