A Negative Perception

1 January 2019

I am cocky. I am, by definition, boldly and overly self-confident. I attract crude looks, and repel shy bystanders. Often, people judge me, and make fabricated assumptions. Being cocky often gets a negative perception. Though, who is anyone to say, that it is belligerent and offensive for me to believe in myself highly? Often the offended are the non-believers. Often the offended are unsure of themselves. Often the offended are wary. I have a hop in my disapproved step. Is that a terrible thing, to believe in myself?

I am a part of the baseball team, prideful and positive. I wear my baseball cap with arrogance. I am certain of our talent, and will not accept incorrect opinions with buoyancy. People blather behind our backs, “The baseball team is full of themselves”. Most would expect a denying response. We admit to this fulsomeness and are fearless in proving hesitant figures wrong. Society’s misconception is that cockiness is being overly confident, in a negative way. The Taylorsville Baseball team is a primary example of why society is mistaken. We will dominate a confident team, because we believe in ourselves on a superior level. This is perceived as our weakness, but we use it as our strength. We step on the field with assurance, ready to achieve victory.

A Negative Perception Essay Example

I am a politician, perky and convincing. I am a thief of minds, with my educated opinion. I am a devious man, stealing your hearts with my promising words. I am sure of my plan and unalterable on my opinion of the words of my opponent. Being proved wrong is not an option, nor is showing qualm. Uncertainty does not receive votes. Uncertainty receives a devastating loss. I am calm in time of despair, but am unsatisfied in time of celebration. I will not show my weakness, and will let my strengths overshadow any competitors. Determination is my middle name. I am forever in my prime, and will lead as long as I am viewed as a leader.

I am Kobe Bryant, feared and not afraid of conflict. I put terror in my opposition, and put indisputable drive in my team. I will taunt and tease to put trepidation in my foes. I will not tremble when challenge comes my way, instead I will show grit. I plead for a trial. I plead for a test. I plead for a dare. Clash is my best friend, and defeat is my worst enemy. I will not quiver with pressure. I will knock down the shot; I will rise to the occasion.

Who am I?

I am the opposite of humbleness.

I am the opposite of meek.

I am the opposite of satisfied.

I am positive.

I am concrete.

I am cocky.

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