A Passover Way to Teach

4 April 2015
An analysis of the article “A Passover Way to Teach” by R. Rothstein in which the author argues that the Jewish Haggadah offers an approach to learning that solves current learning problems.

The paper examines the idea presented in “A Passover Way to Teach” that the Jewish Haggadah presents teaching methods that are more effective than the methods used in a modern education system. The paper discusses the validity of the claim by presenting the flaws and problems in the argument. The paper explains the difficulty of adopting this teaching approach to a modern education system.
“The major flaw is that the Haggadah refers to teaching spiritual values in the context of an ancient culture. It is not easy to apply this to modern society and to the modern classroom. Despite the claim that the Haggadah solves the problems of modern education, few real answers are provided. The major point that children should be taught according to their own needs has some benefit if the focus remains on the how of learning, but instead the author focuses on the what of learning.

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