A Picture Is worth A Thousand Words and Favorite Memory

6 June 2016

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. I know how true that saying actually is. A picture also brings back memories; whether good or bad. I have a picture of a couple of my friends and I from our senior year spring break. Spring break senior year is my favorite memory. I went on a cruise with a couple of my best guy friends and I had the best time of my life during this week. All the talk from the graduating class before me talked about how hype spring break was and I never thought it would be as good as they made it to be, but I was wrong.

This cruise is my favorite memory because of multiple reasons. One because I got to spend it to spend it with my closest friends, and also because we got to go to multiple places through out the week instead of just staying at one resort. This was the very first time I ever went on a cruise, and I was pretty skeptical of it at first. On the actual boat we all went to the casino a lot, played basketball, went shopping at the shops on the island that the boat would stop at and swam on the rooftop pool. My favorite part of the day was the buffet meals, there was everything someone could dream of to eat. The very first night on the cruise we went to the casino. I had to ask my parents for money to use and all they kept telling me was “Do not blow all your money, be smart” “Ok whatever you say” I responded, thinking that wont happen.

A Picture Is worth A Thousand Words and Favorite Memory Essay Example

Every single day my friends and I wanted to go to the casino, it was so addicting. I realized after a couple of days that I should have listened to my parents because I ended up losing 120 dollars total. After I lost that much I knew I was done gambling. That is when I actually started to do other things, like actually hangout with all my friends and enjoy our time in the warm weather before going back to school. Something that I never thought that I would enjoy is the shopping part of the cruise. That was actually super fun because when we got off the boat right away the people of that island were there in little huts selling all their handmade items. I ended up buying a couple trinkets for my girlfriend and myself. It seems cliché to say but as much as I had fun gambling and being on the cruise, I had more fun making memories with my friends.

This vacation with my friends is my favorite memory. It was sort of the last thing we all could do together before we all went our separate ways in college. At the time we took it for granite, but looking back on this vacation made me grateful for being able to spend my senior spring break on vacation, and let alone with my friends. Now that we all are in different parts of the state, all we have the memories we made together until new ones are made. A picture is worth more then words, its worth all the memories.

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