A Poetry Explication Of Option By Robert

9 September 2017

A Poetry Explication Of Option, By Robert Morgan Essay, Research Paper

Poetry Explication


by Robert Morgan

Written in free poetry, this verse form dramatizes the opportunity confrontation of a woodchuck and terrier.

As the talker relates the scene, the poet uses the design of the woodchuck lair to supply an

option, “ option ” , to the latent struggle.

Morgan, asserts the layout of the woodchuck den “ ever has a back door ” , and in making so

introduces the option to struggle. The vocabulary, “ confronted ” , used to announce the terrier & # 8217 ; s

presence, suggests the potency for struggle. The tone the talker uses with the word “ rupturing ” in

the line “ Lacrimation at the aproned entryway ” confirms the potency for force.

When the groundhog exits out the back, the poet utilizes the “ option ” inherent in the lair to let

the animate being to fly the confrontation. As the groundhog surfaces in weeds or a brush, the poet & # 8217 ; s

rhetoric could connote

the pick is cowardly.

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However, in the undermentioned lines the talker asserts

the wisdom of the pick of freedom over the possibility of being victimized as described in lines

7 and 8, “ captive or sufferer in his ain tunnel. ”

In line 9, the talker once more stresses the whistling hog has an “ option ” for his whereabouts,

respectfully terming it “ deniability ” . It is interesting to observe the poet ne’er refers to the

woodchuck utilizing the same vocabulary. The talker chooses a sum of three different nouns to

mention the animate being, with “ whistle-pig ” being the last and least flattering linguistic communication. This could

connote a disrespectful angle if analyzed out of context.

The poet in shuting refers to the option taken by the woodchuck as “ the alibi of absence ” and in

making so, posits the action as a plausible defence. The poet & # 8217 ; s pick of vocabulary for the

decision provides convincing support and blessing for the public-service corporation of clever retreat and

evasivesness, the “ option ” .

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