A Proof For The Existence Of God

10 October 2017

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A Proof For The Existence Of God Essay Example

The predicament of the being of God has troubled world for 1000s of old ages. The being of God was one time ne’er denied, as His presence, His being was apparent in miracles and the people s faith. But clip and the promotion of modern scientific discipline have called God and His really nature into inquiry. The Perfect Being has become the beginning of much uncertainty and contention. What was one time certain and certainly unquestionable has become the most questioned. The faithful, believing people have become diffident. Often called the male parent of modern doctrine the male parent of modern idea, Rene Descartes chose to take up the cogent evidence of the being of God in his Meditations on First Philosophy. Descartes proves the being of God utilizing an ontological statement, one aimed at understanding the being, the kernel, the being of God. Saint Anselm of Canterbury besides makes the being of God apparent utilizing the ontological cogent evidence. Following the natural flow of both statements, Descartes philosophical theory on the being of God is clearly connected to and based upon Anselm & # 8217 ; s theory. At times, it is hard to state where one ends and the other Begins. Descartes makes the same logical buildings, albeit in a different order, to get at Anselm & # 8217 ; s argument the God exists.

Saint Anselm approaches the being of God utilizing the head and idea. He supposes that God is something-than-which-nothing-greater-can-be-thought. This something is the highest possible object of idea ; nil is greater or more perfect. Anselm so rapidly moves to the possibility that this something may or may non be. He quotes Psalm 13:1, the Fool has said in his bosom, There is no God. But Anselm does non cite sacred Bible to deny the being of God. Alternatively, Anselm makes the statement that God must be. For when the Fool hears and takes in the construct of something than which nil greater can be thought, he certainly must understand what this construct means. The Fool understands what he hears, and what he understands is in his head. But the adult male is a sap because he does non do the connexion that the something must so be. Anselm illustrates this point with the painter who envisions a image in his head and so implements the vision to do it become world. It is in the making that the painter realizes being. The painter has taken the thought and transformed it into something greater. Anselm argues that the same thing can be said about God. In our heads, we have the apprehension that God is something than which a greater can non be thought. But if this something is genuinely the highest object of idea, it must be in world besides. There is perfectly no uncertainty that something-than-which-a-greater- can non -be-thought exists both in the head and in world. Merely as the painter brings an thought into its highest signifier when he creates a image, God must be in His highest signifier when He exists.

Rene Descartes follows a similar form to turn out the being of God. Because Descartes has doubted everything he knows, he can merely contemplate God s being utilizing cognition to which he has antecedently assented. This is, viz. , that Descartes is a rational being who thinks and understands. He can non utilize elements of the physical universe to turn out the being of God. And so Descartes begins his 2nd cogent evidence for the being of God in Meditation Five.

Descartes examines the construct of thoughts. When a individual thinks of an thought, they perceive infinite specifics refering forms, figure, motion, and the similar. In our heads, there is the apprehension of what an thought is we understand the thought s attributes. Sometimes, this apprehension is basically basic. Descartes uses the trigon to turn out his point. When we think of a trigon, we know that it has three sides, three angles and that the sides and angles interact with each other to organize the form known as trigon. All that I clearly and clearly perceive to belong to that thing truly does belong to it, so can non this excessively be a footing for an statement turn outing the being of God? Because Descartes can clearly understand the belongingss of a trigon that make it a trigon, he can understand the belongingss of God that make up God. Descartes believes the belongingss of God are merely every bit concrete as the belongingss of a mathematical figure or geometrical form.

One of the built-in belongingss of this supremely perfect being called God is that He exists. Just as the three sides and three angles can non be separated from the trigon, so being can non be separated from God. If you take a side off from the trigon, it is no longer a trigon. Similarl

Y, if you take existence off from God, He can non be God, and this is a contradiction. Descartes summarizes his findings:

But from the fact that I can non believe of God except as existing, it follows that being is inseparable from God, and that for this ground he truly exists. Not that my thought brings this about or imposes any necessity on anything ; but instead the necessity of the thing itself, viz. of the being of God, forces me to believe this. For I am non free to believe of God without being, that is, a supremely perfect being without a supreme flawlessness

& # 8220 ; God is a supremely perfect being, and in this flawlessness must shack being. The really construct of God as a perfect being implies that God must be in world. If God merely existed in the head or in idea, so God could be more perfect in world. But if God is perfect already, so he must already exist. & # 8221 ;

The similarities between Anselm and Descartes cogent evidences are amazing. Both minds supposed the being of something of which nil is greater. Both concluded that this great Being was perfect, was God and must be in world. Descartes and Anselm both use the non-believer to demo the contradiction between the adult male who understands the construct of God but can non link God with being. While Descartes moves from the deductions and features of a perfect God to turn out He exists, Descartes maintains Anselm s established place of a perfect Being who must be to accomplish flawlessness.

There are several expostulations that can be made about Descartes cogent evidence of the being of God. First, the move from the construct of I think to God exists is instead profound. While Descartes concluding is slightly sound, it can be argued that flawlessness does non necessitate being in world. The mere thought of a trigon with three equal sides generates an image in our heads: a perfect trigon with three equal angles. This perfect trigon does non necessitate to physically be in order for us to understand its flawlessness. In a similar manner, a perfect God does non necessitate anything. He does non necessitate a people to idolize Him ; He does non necessitate to physically be. This is besides apparent in Christianity today. God did non take on human signifier, that is, physically exist in the earthly sense, until many old ages after He created the universe. And God took on a human signifier to demo His love for His people and to deliver them. He did non come to the Earth as Jesus to turn out His being.

Descartes was besides non complete in his rejection of past cognition. He would certainly hold been taught about Anselm s cogent evidence for the being of God. This is apparent in the about exact reproduction of Anselm s cogent evidence. While Descartes takes a somewhat different path to accomplish the cogent evidence, the common togss that run between both cogent evidence is undeniably apparent. Descartes thought procedure about the being of God is riddled with terminology giving God the masculine gender. If Descartes genuinely rejected all past experience of God, all of his past cognition about God, Descartes would be forced to mention to God in the neuter gender. He would non cognize if God was either adult male, adult female or both without retrieving past experience and instructions. The proper intervention of God s being would foremost be to set up being, and so find other qualities and features of God. And the physical features of God could merely be identified based upon tradition and anterior cognition. Alternatively, Descartes applies a certain personality to the God he is seeking to turn out exists. There is besides an obnoxious cogent evidence used to set up God s being. Descartes refers to the mountains and vales and their inseparableness. Descartes can non utilize mountains and vales, physical things, to turn out God exists, because he has non foremost proved the mountains and vales exist. Again, this clearly shows that Descartes had non put all old physical cognition aside for this cogent evidence.

As one of the male parents of modern idea, Rene Descartes radically changed the way of doctrine in a new universe. Modern scientific discipline was able to explicate things that were one time left to divine Providence. This new ability to explicate, to mend, to understand arose uncertainties about the being of a perfect God who exists in world. Descartes, in a strong attempt to turn out everything he experienced in life and thought sought to turn out the being of God. While he has some mistakes in critical idea, viz. the inability to wholly set aside old cognition and old experience, Descartes reiterates a sound cogent evidence for the being of God God exists and is a really existent portion of the universe, humanity and life.


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