A Proposal for the Future of Major League Baseball

4 April 2015
A paper which discusses why major league baseball should institute revenue sharing and a salary cap.

The paper explains that now that professional sports have entered the 21st century, it is crucial that Major League Baseball institutes revenue sharing and a salary cap to maintain the competition between large and small market franchises. It maintains that with a dozen struggling, small-market ball clubs, constant discussion about contracting teams, and individual salaries skyrocketing over the payrolls of entire teams, the time has come where the owners and players must agree on something for the betterment of the game’s future. The paper shows however that with continuous disagreements between the owners and player’s union, and the threat of another strike, the negative effects may outweigh the positive.
“The Major League Baseball Player’s Association is the strongest union in professional sports. The players would most likely strike if a salary cap was presented to them because most of the league’s athletes would be faced with a reduction in salary (Smizik). It is believed that another strike would cause Major League Baseball to lose millions of dollars and possibly fan support. “It would take a long and bitter work stoppage for the players to accept a salary cap and it would simply not be worth it,” says Smizik. Smizik believes a salary cap would help baseball’s economic future, but is opposed because of the costs it will take to institute it. Baseball had a difficult time regaining fan support after the 1994 strike, and a second may be even more difficult to overcome (Smizik). However, true baseball fans will realize that the strike was necessary for the league’s economic future, and will still support the game.”
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