A Proposed Computerized Payroll System

8 August 2016

People now are said to be living in a computer based society which almost all means of tasks are controlled by electronic software. Different groups and organizations must cope with methods toward modernization the reason why institutions keep up with standards of distinction adopting measures and programs suited to the level and their nature. There are many ways to perform particular system but some might be better than the others. With the advent of the computer age, a substantial number of industries developed the task of converting information that existed in a traditional form (example: on paper) into a computer-readable format.

The rapid spread of computer programmers and information technology has generated a need for different institutions to design and develop new hardware and software systems and incorporate new technologies. As a person living in what is now called the “Computer age” computers are not just passing fad. Government, School, Companies even organizations are depending on computers.

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A Proposed Computerized Payroll System
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To use computer efficiently, one or most of the people must become literate and computer competent. Payroll System is done with a purpose of computing the salaries of the employees and monitoring the time in and time out of each employee.

In Payroll System software should start with a process of identifying the individual needs the software product must meet. HISTORCAL BACKGROUND SAN ROQUE, STO. TOMAS BATANGAS, PHILIPPINES TEL #: (043) 784-85-35 EMAIL: [email protected] com In the year 2000, VIE was founded by young Businessman, All engineers whose collective experience and expertise in the field technical services, engineering supports and costumer services in the PCBA, semi-conductors and electronics industry has made the company at part on it competitions.

Vestech industrial Enterprises manufactured quality machine, consumable parts, jigs fixture and fabricates production racks, tables, and all types of fabrication for PBCA and semi-conductors industries. Our 1,500 sq. meter facility is located at San Roque, Sto. Tomas, Batangas a very strategic place to serve the electronic manufacturing companies, fabrication and machining requirements and needs. GENERAL OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to help the VESTECH INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES to have an efficient and effective way of monitoring their employee’s time keeping and payroll system to give a higher quality of service.

1. ) Accuracy of computing salaries. 2. ) Loss of data entries. 3. ) Waste of time reviewing daily time records manually. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: 1. ) To accurate the computing of salaries. 2. ) To avoid loss of data entries. 3. ) To lessen the waste of time reviewing daily time records manually. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS: The proposed system time keeping and Payroll System for VESTECH INDUATRIAL ENTERPRISES covers many aspects of time keeping and Payroll process. This includes the capture of information based on the employee’s work schedule, daily time worked and daily time rendered.

The payroll process encompasses all activities necessary to report employee’s time worked. The system will convert the current company’s time keeping and payroll into Visual Basic Program. The system will have a file management where it covers the records of employee and system transaction log. The system also covers the Payroll Processing and Reporting which includes the pay calculation of salary slip and time off tracking. The system will have a report consist of summary of time sheet, summary of Payroll Computation, Summary of Tax Refund and 13th Month Pay, Withholding Tax, SSS and Pag-IBIG Contributions.

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