A Question of Dowry

7 July 2016

1) If you were Sivasothie, would you agree to an arranged marriage? Give reason for your answer. Based on the short story A Question Of Dowry written by Siew Yue Killingley, if I were Sivasothie, I would agree to an arranged marriage because there are a lot of advantages than disadvantages to the groom and the bride. In this short story, we can conclude that Sivasothie does not need to work hard because all of hers family gathered to make her wedding looks very meaningful.

First and foremost advantage of arranged marriage is it guarantees a mate for us. In this short story, Sivasothie is going to be engaged with Thiruchelvam who is working as doctor. This is due to the fact that in the arranged marriage the parents will find a potential partner for their adult. Sivasothie’s parent found the right husband for her in terms of financial. In this short story we found that her mother is materialistic because she wants to look great in front of others but she never thought about their financial. Secondly, arranged marriage is a good practice because it is more stable than love marriage in terms of love and happiness.

Eventhough in this short story not showing about Sivasothie’s happiness but its look like she will get it soon because love is not the priority so this makes the marriage to become more stable unless it is just a horrible match. Last but not least in this short story, if Sivasothie chooses a well-arranged marriage instead of a love marriage, she is on the right track that will lead her to permanent happiness. Meanwhile, most of the love marriage will begin with happiness but some of them will ends up with suffer.

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