A Report on High School Life and College Life Essay Sample

8 August 2017

1. Abstract
Life is an escapade. We live in its events. Some events are screaming. while the other events are bad. Each individual should go through with different degree in instruction. get downing from primary following by intermediate and complete it with secondary school. After that a new chapter of life starts which is college life. In this chapter pupils possibly analyze abroad or place state surveies. In this phase pupils decidedly will see different alteration in their milieus. In this study I will travel throughout my life experience. For me. I anticipated tough alterations in the college life and certain plenty there were tough alterations.

2. Introduction
This study will explicate the difference between my experience in high school and college life. College life is disputing for new pupils after they graduate from high school. For me. it is disputing. and I have to cover with the alteration in the new environment and school life as a whole.

A Report on High School Life and College Life Essay Sample Essay Example

My name is Mohammed Abdulelah Mohammed Makki. my friends name me MAKKI. I am 21 old ages old. and I was born in 24/6/1992. My favorite topics is Mathematics. Physics and Chemistry. I joined simple school when I was 4 old ages old. Then. I study in Al-Amal National School as secondary school. After that I graduated with a good mark. My household decided to direct me to analyze abroad in Malaysia for higher instruction. I enrolled at Inti College in Jan 2013 to go on my surveies.

2. 2 High School Experience
During school life you would larn the basic etiquette sing societal behavior whereas for me. School experience is the most importance thing make the best point in my life and learning accomplishments. Teachers help us to avoid the jobs of making prep. School life is by and large more disciplined than college life. You must have on a unvarying otherwise if you do non have on a unvarying the school will non let you to come in to the school

2. 3Current Experience
As a college pupil analyze off from place. I get to do determinations by myself which I need to larn to be independent in my life. I am responsible for my growing into absolute independency. Unlike in high school there are fewer regulations to assist or steer my academic advancement. I do non needfully acquire reminders about assignment deadlines or readying for trials and tests. I besides have to do fiscal determinations. I have to prioritise my demands and make up one’s mind what to pass on. This new life off from place has made me a bit more responsible in general.

3. Discussion
3. 1comparison between two experience
College school’s attending is counted as recognition hr which will do me loosen up a spot. The lectors are less attention than instructors in school. although a batch of lectors offer excess recognition or will knock classs from Business school to As for pupils who attended category every twenty-four hours. However. high school’s attending is more rigorous comparison to college. Medical certification is required if I absent from school.

Dress codification
The frock codification between college school and high school is wholly difference. I am bound by frock codification when I am in secondary school life. I have to have on unvarying to school every twenty-four hours. I am non allowed to go to school if I am have oning insouciant wear to school. On the other manus. college is non bound with frock codification. Slipper and short bloomerss are non allowed in Inti College which is really easy to be follow. I can have on any jerseies I like to school every twenty-four hours.

Different timetable
Timetable from high school and college is different. My high school starts on 7a. m until1p. m. The school establishes category agenda to make full up most of the times of school yearss. There is merely half an hr of interruption clip to rest. The timetable in high school is changeless ; while the timetable in college is flexible. Sometimes there is one or two hours of break clip before another category start. I might take a sleep or iciness with friends during the long interruption clip.

3. 2 My Expectation Level
My outlooks about college were built on the legion narratives by my high school instructors. My experience as a college pupil in Malaysia so far. has merely merely surpassed my outlooks. The difference lies in the new environment ( Malaysia ) . Since this is my first clip here. I’ve had to cover with a civilization daze which I expect to acquire over in the nearest hereafter. However. the school system is everything I expected. The timetable. frock codification. work load and instruction system are precisely wholly that my instructors have talked about all through high school. That is non to state that I’m happening it easy as college pupil. as hearing about an experience is rather different from really sing it. That said. I intend to do things a batch easier for myself with proper planning and organisation. With more self-denial. I expect to acquire myself to category and go to all talks. since there’s no Dendranthema grandifloruom or pa. to do me make it now. That besides applies to run intoing the deadlines for assignments and undertakings. and being more responsible in the manner I spend my clip and money. I expect to spread out my web of friends and possible concern familiarities run into more people from different civilizations and backgrounds.

My greatest outlook of all. is to finish my surveies. gain my grade and move in front to get down my dream calling.

4. Decision
In decision. my experience as a college pupil has been life altering. I have learned to be independent and responsible for my general wellbeing and academic advancement. I have adjusted to the societal and cultural differences. I have besides warmed up to the new academic agenda which is rather different from what was used in high school. I have made new friends from diverse civilizations and backgrounds which has enlightened me and helped me to spread out my position in the universe. I have learned to get by with the new work load which is more than work load in high school. My experience so far as a college pupil has increased my degree of adulthood as an grownup.

7. Mentions

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