A response to Why Looks are the Last Bastion of Discrimination

7 July 2016

Through my reading and interpretation of this essay, I’ve come to realize that there will always be discrimination because of how a person looks, acts, and presents themselves, but I don’t think there should be a reason for individuals to get so distraught over the issue. Although looks and physical appearance shouldn’t be something one person should judge another over, I firmly believe there are certain standards for particular situations, and we, as people, should come to understand that.

When Rhode brought forward the issue with the waitress being denied a larger uniform due to health issues, I felt sorry for her, almost to the point of pity. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the casino, just like any other business, had a certain image to uphold, and they had a certain standard for the way their employees should look and portray themselves. And even though she had a legitimate reason why she gained some weight, the waitress signed a contract with the casino which required her to keep an “hourglass figure”.

A response to Why Looks are the Last Bastion of Discrimination Essay Example

I think we, as humans, “discriminate” one another because it’s in our nature. When we are trying to figure out where we fit in this world, we desire to look like and portray what we aspire to be, and because we have so many diverse interests, ultimately it causes us to separate ourselves amongst each other. While one person may choose to associate themselves with someone who is clean cut and modest, another person could very well want to befriend someone whose body resembles an art canvas.

People come from different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles, so there will always be a difference in the way people act, dress, and look. There will always be some kind of discrimination in the world, whether it be racial, sexual, religious, or in this case, looks and physical attributes. Is it truly wrong to judge another person? In some aspects, yes it could be. But in many instances, who a person portrays themselves to be is who they really are.

People think the way you portray yourself physically is what makes or breaks you, and plenty of times it is, but I also feel that how you carry yourself and act towards another individual can be a good thing or it can be a deal breaker. If you carry yourself with a good demeanor, you could very well have the potential of getting what you strive for, but if you have a bad attitude about unfortunate occurrences or don’t present yourself in a good way towards an individual, it can completely eliminate your positive attributes.

Not everyone is going to be the best looking, get the big raise, or be the smartest, but the way the situation is approached is what counts. Good attitude is a quality everyone should strive to possess. No matter what, there will always be a vast amount of people who have different personalities and lifestyles, and who may look different than the average person. As long a person has the freedom to choose how he or she wants to be, there will be discrimination if another person does not agree with them.

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