A Review of Elsie Brown’s Shady Plot

2 February 2017

At noon, while he is still trying to work on a story, his wife Lavina brings a Ouija Board home and announces her party with the women from her Book Club. The writer, drowned in consternation by her declaration, tries to convince Lavina, his wife, to drop the idea.

However, his wife makes him a partner of Laura Hinkle, one of the women from the Book Club who is quiet fond of Mr. Hallock (the author), to work on one of the Ouija boards. Though he tries to resist, his wife pays no heed.When the spirit descends, Laura asks it to tell something, the pointer started moving towards the letters to point out the word ‘TRAITOR ‘. Bewildered, the writer has nothing to say so his partner asks the spirit to explain itself more fully. In response, the spirit spells ‘ASK HIM ‘. This is when the author realises that it is actually Helen who is trying to interact with them.

A Review of Elsie Brown’s Shady Plot Essay Example

Unable to explain, the author feels miserable and his wife Lavina, who already goes ballistic, threatens to walk out on him.The scene then shifts back to his room when he is in a mournful state and Helen re-appears and asks him of when his wife would get rid of the Ouija Board. However, Lavina enters to bid him bye. She feels the queerness about him and demands like a boss what he is trying to conceal behind him and thrusts him aside only to see the ghost lady Helen. She is flabbergasted, and then she realises that she had speculated all wrongs that her husband had been possibly flirting with Helen of troy over the Ouija Board. Finally the ghost departs and Lavina apologises to her husband .

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