A Review of Every Album by The Police

1 January 2020

This is my enthusiastic discography review of my favorite band, The Police. This was the first band I became fully obsessed with, and I still love listening to them. Additionally, I have discovered many other artists by association. I love this band so much and I think you should too! Please enjoy this review of every album by The Police. 🙂

Outlandos d’Amour
The first release with the three members we know as The Police. Very polished and refined punk/reggae. Notable songs from this album include: Next to You, Roxanne, Can’t Stand Losing You, Truth Hits Everybody, and So Lonely. This album explores the more rock side of The Police, and the reggae style is not yet established consistently. Still a classic!

A Review of Every Album by The Police Essay Example

Regatta de Blanc
Their unique style is very evident and cemented within this selection of songs; reggae and punk. This is album is the quintessential Police album, it features the classic reggae-rock mix so many fans and critics were unable to identify. Notable songs include Message In A Bottle, Bring On The Night, Walking On The Moon, and The Bed’s Too Big Without You.

Zenyatta Mondatta
Every song on this album is a timeless classic. The brilliant & witty songwriting showcased from Sting and Copeland would become a staple for the next two albums. This is my favorite album of all time. Every time I listen to this album, I hear something new. Don’t Stand So Close To Me is obviously a creepy song about a teacher-student relationship, and I am very uncomfortable listening to it. The way this song was crafted is perfect, it is designed to give you the feeling of uneasiness! The simple melody, minimal bass notes and the overall pacing of the song make this song a timeless classic. And very unsettling. Other notable songs include Driven To Tears, When The World is Running Down, Canary In a Coalmine, Voices Inside My Head, Bombs Away, De Do Do Do De Da Da Da, Behind My Camel, Man In a Suitcase, Shadows In the Rain, and The Other Way of Stopping. Notice, I have just listed the entire songlist. THAT’S BECAUSE THIS ALBUM IS A MASTERPIECE. That’s all.

Ghost In The Machine
Alright, I’ll try to go easy on this album. Ghost In The Machine is the album that launched this group into true stardom. Notable songs include Spirits In the Material World, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Invisible Sun, & Demolition Man. These songs are very different from the previous albums, and marked the beginning of a new sound for The Police. The production on this album is excellent, if not a little too much. There isn’t anything wrong with saxes and horns, nor with pop piano (I’m not a fake fan, I’m aware there has been plenty o’ piano on previous albums). However, the addition of these instruments does not seem necessary. Songs such as Hungry For You (sung in French), Too Much Information, and One World (Not Three) feature these odd musical choices. This album is my personal least favorite due to its messy & dishonorable departure from the “classic” Police reggae-rock sound.

The final Police album. Comparing this album to Outlandos d’Amour would be unfair and wouldn’t make sense from a critiquing position, however I will do it briefly for the sake of illustrating the creative potential this group showed us in their studio releases; Absolutely stunning. Now onto this album, Synchronicity. It is a creative marvel, each song tells an elaborate story with not only the lyrics, but with the delicate instrumentation. I have nothing but respect and admiration for this album. Synchronicity 1 & 2 both paint pictures of a dystopian world with lake creatures and suburban hell. This album features unique instrumentation and musical influences; world music found in Mother, Wrapped Around Your Finger, Tea In The Sahara, and Walking In Your Footsteps, as well as jazz in O My God, and Murder By Numbers.

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