A Review of Robert Leeson’s The Song of Arthur Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Although infinite books about the narrative of King Arthur have been written. Robert Leeson has managed to give us something new in his book.The Song of Arthur. something that decidedly makes it worthwhile to bask Arthur’s narrative one time once more.

The Song of Arthuris a aggregation of narratives about the legendary King Arthur. based on heathen narratives about Arthur from the fifth century AD. Narrated by Taliesin. who is Merlin’s father ( although in some literature is shown to be besides Merlin himself ) and the official bard of Arthur’s tribunal. Leeson’s rerendering of Arthur’s life depicts for us the clip of Arthur’s defence of England from encroachers. among other things. There is seemingly nil truly new in the overall secret plan itself. but Leeson. alternatively of merely reciting the narrative of Arthur. focal points onhowArthur’s narrative is retold. The life of Arthur is presented in a new manner. such that King Arthur’s universe comes alive as ne’er before. Taliesin’s point of position. a bracing alteration in itself. is presented in a quite original lyrical manner.

Leeson grounds his narratives on historical facts and grounds. His attack to the mysticism normally associated with King Arthur’s epoch is equivocal. in that there are many suggestions of the function of thaumaturgy in the many events described. but barely any blazing show of thaumaturgy. The reader has to make up one’s mind for himself if what was merely described was so charming. or nil out of the ordinary. giving the narrative a new sort of mysticism. Thus Leeson manages to maintain the narratives grounded in world while non precisely go forthing magic out of the image.

The originality of Leeson’s attack. paired with the eternity of King Arthur’s narrative. makesThe Song of Arthuran overall worthwhile read.

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