A Review of Taylor Swift song by Taylor Swift

11 November 2019

Taylor Swift songs! Some people love them. Other people, like me, don’t like them at all.
There are many things I dislike strongly about her songs. I find her voice very annoying. The meaning and lyrics of her songs, I think, are stupid. A lot of her songs are about teenage girls’ problems. For example, her song “fifteen” is about being fifteen and believing things cause you’re young. I don’t really care about that. The songs are too peppy and girly for me. It’s also country. I don’t really like country. There are only like two country artists I actually like. Like Nickelback. It’s like rock and country mixed together, and I like rock.
An all right thing about her songs is the beat and the instruments. The beats are catchy and will stick in your head. If some of the instruments weren’t in the songs, I would hate them so much more.
I think there are so many better artists out there. Like Ke$ha and Katy Parry. Ke$ha’s song are upbeat and fun to dance to. Like “your drug is my love”, it’s really fun and you would get up and jump around to it. They’re fast and are kind of party songs. Katy Perry is the same. There are some Katy Perry songs that are slower and have a sad meaning, but those songs are still way better than Taylor Swift’s. Ke$ha and Katy Perry have more entertaining songs while Taylor Swift has boring songs.
Overall, I think Taylor Swift songs are horrible. You would be wasting your money if you went to her concerts or bought her cd. Many other artists are way better. Go to a Ke$ha or Katy Perry concert instead. You’ll have more fun.

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