A Road Not Taken

1 January 2017

There are many decisions that need to be made in a persons life. Like choosing to spend time hanging out with friends, or to spend time studying for exams. The decisions that a person makes are based on their priorities. The person who chooses to hang out with friend values their friendship over their education, meanwhile, the person who chooses to study for their exams values their education.

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In the poem, “The Road Not Taken” Robert Frost uses a metaphor, imaginary, and the structure of the poem to tell the reader that the road a person chooses might be the right or wrong one, but it will make all the difference in their lives. Frost uses the metaphor to show that the choice impacts his life “The popularity of the poem is largely a result of the simplicity of its symbolism: The speaker must choose between diverging paths in a wood, and he sees that choice as a metaphor for choosing between different directions in life” (Andrews, Terry L).

The poet has to choose between two diverging roads, and they have to decide which road they will take to reach his destination “Two roads diverge in a yellow wood” (1). This not only shows that the speaker has two roads to take but they have two choices in life. Every person in life is going to have decisions to make, weather they are hard or easy, but it is the choice they make that makes them who they are “ The loss of distinction between the roads accordingly casts doubt upon the speaker’s own sense of distinction in life. (Savoie, John) Robert Frost implies that the road chosen, which is the turning point that made his life different from all the rest “and that has made all the difference” (20).

It is the decisions that one makes that makes them who they are. The imaginary in the poem shows how important a decision a person makes impacts their life. Every person has hard times deciding what they should choose to reach the road that they want to go on. One often questions them self, is this the right or wrong road that they are taking such as when Robert Frost writes “two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travels both” (1-2).

The passage makes the reader see that the decision the poet is making is a difficult one. In the poem Frost describes the leaves being yellow illustrating that it is autumn. Autumn is the season were the leaves change color and life starts to die. As the poem continues it says “Because it was grassy and wanted wear” (8). Frost’s mention of the grass makes the reader think that there is some life on the trails also showing the color green that Frost illustrates. There is a big difference to the yellow and the green.

The yellow being the difficult time, while the green being a simple and more laid back time. Therefore the imagery in the poem shows how the decision impacts his or her life. Finally the structure of the poems four stanzas shows how the choice the poet makes impacts his life. In the first stanza the poet is explaining to the reader the situation of choosing which road to take. The second stanza, the speaker chooses the road that is less traveled, but then realizes that they were both just as traveled “Had worn them really about the same,” (10).

In the third stanza the poet continues to describe the road he has taken, and how he would like to come back travel the other road and the feels sorry he couldn’t travel both. As the poet travels down his road time has passed by. The poet explains how the road he took “And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear,” (7-8). The poems four stanzas show the decision that the poet makes impacts his life. In “The Road Not Taken” Robert Frost enables the reader to see the choice that he has made that impacts his life.

The metaphor, the descriptive imagery, and the poem’s structure shows that the road the poet has chosen made all the difference in his life. A person’s decision often affects their life. A good decision will lead them on a good road. While a bad decision will lead us down a bad road. We may not know if our decision maybe the right or bad one at the moment, but we will see the outcome in the end. Things happen in your life based on how you decide things not how others decide things.

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