A Sociological Approach To The Simpsons Essay

8 August 2017

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I? m traveling to get down off by stating that until now I ne’er really thought there was a difference in the manner those sketch characters ( the Simpsons ) were approached, depending on their gender ( non that I watched them excessively frequently or anything ) .

First of all I? ll have to interrupt the characters in two groups, because you can non compare old people with kids. So the first group will be composed of Lisa and Bart ( the kids ) and the 2nd one of Marge and Homer ( the parents ) .

Merely by taking a glimpse at the show you see that it portrays the typical image of the? traditional American household? of the last decennary: ma stays place to cook, clean and take attention of the childs, while the hubby provides for the household. The small male child is really violent making a batch of? cool? things, and of class ne’er surveies, while the small miss is really quiet and smart.

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There are certain hints of stereotypes in about all the activities in which the characters engage and that seems to be meant in a amusing manner. For illustration, in one episode, Lisa and Bart are taken sureties by a prison dreamer in a Zeppelin. Using a computing machine inside the Zeppelin you could compose on an electronic board outside the Zeppelin. Lisa discovers that and writes a message to allow everybody cognize that they are in there and in the center of it she puts these blinking red Black Marias & # 8230 ; I wonder if they would hold done that if Bart were the one composing the message!

This other clip Bart gets himself a bogus ID, rents a auto and goes off for spring interruption with some friends ( he of class lies to his parents ) ; meanwhile Lisa stays place and has fun by traveling to work with her pa. What? s the message here? ? Boys travel off and make brainsick things, but misss must remain place, near to the household. ?

Bart is ever the 1 who has all the escapades and does all the exciting amusing things and Lisa is the smart quiet one ever acquiring him out of problem. She ne’er hold

s any scores, while Bart is average to her most of the times and ever gets his retaliation ; in other words? misss, you be soundless, male childs have the right to make anything. ?

But sufficiency of the childs, lets talk about the grownups excessively. As I? ve said before, Marge is a homemaker ; she ne’er straight disagrees with Hommie, her hubby, and she? s ever the one botching the kids. She? s besides the one making all the house jobs, while Homer enjoys himself in forepart of the Television. I remember in one episode how good it is showed the manner work forces struggle to keep the adult female? s restriction to the house, and later their economical dependance on them. One twenty-four hours, for some really stupid ground, Homer is fired. The whole household is tormented because they have no other income. Homer tries to acquire another occupation, but he fails. In a despairing province Marge proposes to acquire a occupation herself: large job! ? You? ! Get a occupation? You can? t acquire a occupation ; if you do who will take attention of the childs and of the house so? And besides, you don? Ts know how to make anything. ? He goes on reasoning about his function in the household and that back uping them made him experience both a good hubby and a good male parent. How about cooking for his childs & # 8230 ; wouldn? T that make him a good male parent? It was unbelievable the manner Homer made every accomplishment that would hold helped Marge acquire a occupation seem so useless and unimportant.

Another important thing is that mundane after work, Homer goes to this small saloon ( called Moe? s ) to acquire intoxicated, but Marge ne’er drinks.

Besides, most of the times when they are sing person Marge helps her host ( the adult female I mean ) clean up after dinner and is inquiring for formulas, while Homer negotiations to the? adult male of the house? about work and other? of import things? .

In decision, I? vitamin Ds say that the overall message that a small child would acquire from these sketchs is that misss should be nice and quiet, ever around their female parents, while male childs are allowed to be naughtier and should be more independent.

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