A Song for Harry Chapin by George Donaldson

7 July 2019

“A Song for Harry Chapin” is a song written by singer George Donaldson. The reason why George wrote this song is because Harry Chapin had a big influence on his life and music and he wanted to write a song for him. The song is a story and is about the when he thought about writing the song and telling us about Harry’s life and how he got to know his music. After he wrote the song he sent it to Harry’s wife Sandy and the rest of the family and they all liked it. He became friends of the family too.

I love this song for a number of reasons. The first one being is I love hearing the story that this song talks about. I also like it because I love any of the songs that George has written. I also like it because I feel that it was a nice gesture that he wrote this song and send a recording of it to Harry’s family. George had also covered a few of Harry’s songs including “Cat’s in the Cradle” which he sang with the group that he was in called “Celtic Thunder.” He also sang “Tangled Up Puppet” on the album ” The World on my Mind” for his daughter Sarah for when she became a teenager. You can find this song on his album ” The White Rose.”

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