The Pittsburgh Steelers have been my favorite football team since the day I was born. One fine memory I have of my childhood is watching Sunday night games with my dad, begging him to let me stay up late to see the ending. Football was always our thing, our special bond you could call it. We never thought anything could be more exciting than watching our team win on our giant flat screen television until we went to an actual Pittsburgh Steelers game. That day at the game, I discovered that Heinz Stadium offers an abundance of sights, smells and sounds.

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I’ll never forget the things that I saw at the stadium. There were banners hung this way and that on the walls. Tons of eager fans filled the stands; we were all dying to get a glance of Bill Cower pumping his team up. Various faces in the crowd were painted black and yellow.

Thousands of golden terrible towels were waving through the air. Giant pictures of players like Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, and Hines Ward were scattered throughout the walkways. I have never seen grass as green and beautiful as the grass on the field. As the players were warming up, my sights were set on Big Ben throwing the football in a perfect spiral. I literally thought I had died and gone to Steeler heaven. As I looked at my dad, I realized that he felt the same way that I did. His eyes lit up with joy and excitement; my eyes fell in love with the marvelous sights that I saw on that day.

My nose discovered so many new and different smells while at the football game. As I was walking by the concession stand, my mouth started to water as I indulged in the wonderful scents of stadium food. The aroma of popcorn was so delicious; I had to talk my dad into getting me a bag of my own. As we made our way to the stands, I could literally smell the sweat rolling off of the people that

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were standing around me. The lady to my left had on a little too much perfume, because I could clearly distinguish that she was wearing Happy by Clinique. When the game began, the smell of beer filled the air as fans were celebrating kick-off time. By the end of the game, beer and sweat were just about the only things that you could smell. Many people would find the disgusting, but I enjoyed every odor that filled my nose.

My ears were overwhelmed by all the noises that surrounded me. The sounds of the fans screaming were so thrilling and exciting. Soon enough, I joined in and let out the best football chants that I knew. During the game, whistles were blown, and buzzers were blared. You could literally hear the player’s helmets and pads colliding as plays were being made. The stadium was booming with the voices of announcers telling us the numerous fouls that were being made. Loud is the best way to describe a football game, but I loved every minute of it.

Being at Heinz stadium and witnessing the Pittsburgh Steelers win in person is something that I will never forget. My dad and I felt magic in the air as we cheered on our favorite football team. The sights, smells, and sounds only added greatness and excitement to the things we were already feeling. Now that I have actually been to a game, I realized that watching on our flat screen television in our cozy living room will never compare to that glorious day I spent at the stadium. Even though we are planning a trip to attend another game in the near future, nothing will ever feel as great as experiencing the fun of the stadium for the first time.

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