A Strange Place Essay Research Paper A

7 July 2017

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A Strange Place Essay Research Paper A
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A Strange Place Essay, Research Paper

A Strange Topographic point

I can non suit in little autos ; it is impossible. Two door athleticss autos are the worst. I scoot the place back until it touches the place behind me, and still I am snoging my articulatio genuss. This state of affairs and many others posed rather a job for me in my 9-month stretch in Europe, a topographic point of the unexpected, a topographic point where common sense and logic do non be, a topographic point really different from what I am used excessively.

This was my first drive on a super-charged, turbo, bus, hi-tech 747 Jumbo Jet. The flight was LA to Amsterdam ; 12 hours directly. There I sat in Business category with epicurean, grey, leather reclining chairs. I had my pick of what film I wanted to watch, my pick of what repast was to be served, and my pick of how hot or cold it was. Everything was my pick. The air hostesss were great with their cunning German speech patterns and cute uniforms, carry throughing my every demand. I even had legroom. Wow, life couldn t get any better. I could even order alcohol free of charge, if I were so inclined. I could non acquire any slumber on this winging sail ship I was so lucky to be on. I watched every film, listened to every wireless station, read every free magazine, and ordered every free drink. I had it all. This, nevertheless, was NOT Europe.

After 22 hours of pure Eden, my dream universe shortly came to a barbarous terminal as I stepped off the plane into an airdrome reeking of human perspiration and coffin nail fume. It was gross outing. My eyes started to biting and my lungs began to ache from the fume. I had to take a breath through my olfactory organ to maintain from smelling the rancid organic structure odor that emanated from about every individual in the airdrome. My one and merely thought was to acquire out of that topographic point every bit fast as possible. But of class, winging into another state, I had to travel through imposts, which was the most boring experience of my life. I had ne’er gone through imposts before. They check every one of your bags 15 times and they check your passport at least 4 or 5 times. Plus, they all spoke bad English so it was impossible to understand what they wanted me to make. Finally I got out of that atrocious topographic point and was ready to hit the streets.

I stepped out of the front terminal automatic sliding doors. I looked in incredulity at the autos, they were all half to one third the size of normal American autos. Almost all of them looked like they had driven off a drop a few times. I tried to believe of how I was traveling to suit in those autos. They all had unusual names like Peugot, Opel

, Aston Martin, etc. One name was non unusual to me, Mercedes, I hoped I would be siting in one of these all right cars. It turned out that the individual picking my up had a Volkswagon mini-bus. Volkswagens are the large thing at that place. They are like Ford here. So I threw all my bags in the dorsum of this coach and we left for the school go forthing a big cloud of black fume behind us.

The thrust to school was non one of my favourite experiences. We were in a raggedy old coach, likely from the eighteenth century, that had clasp jobs, brake jobs and wheel jobs, and we were still driving about 110 miles per hour on the Autobahn. I was so frightened that I couldn t ticker, and what made things even worse was that it was a adult female driver. The Autobahn is Germany s chief main road. There is no posted velocity bound on this insane stretch of main road where 1 could go through the state without even detecting. If you of all time drive in Germany on the Autobahn, ne’er of all time travel into the far left lane. You are likely to acquire rear ended by some 200 thousand dollar Mercedes. That left lane has a minimal velocity bound of 120 stat mis per hr. You see large, silver, S-Class Mercedes coming up behind you with its horn blare and its headlamps blinking. As it whizzes by you at a pathetic velocity all you see is the driver with both custodies on the wheel gazing consecutive in front, intensely concentrating on the route in front of him.

We arrived at the school, thank God, and the first thing I noticed was that it was out in the center of nowhere. I mean, the nearest large metropolis was 2 and a half hours off. There were corn fields and cattles everyplace. The edifices where all about 200 old ages old with clefts running half manner down the outside and old orange tile roofs. The school evidences used to be corn fields and Equus caballus grazing lands. There were wild flowers of all different colourss everyplace, and attractively brilliant oak trees surrounded the campus, about like a palace wall. The thing about these old edifices is that they don Ts have good plumbing or electricity. Everything was so mediaeval. It was really different from what I was used to endorse place.

This topographic point, although really different from what I was used to, gave me many valuable experiences that helped me recognize who I was. It helped me calculate out what my ends were and how I was traveling to accomplish them. The school had no agencies to assist me accomplish these ends, and that s what made it so great. I suggest sing a unusual topographic point whenever you have the opportunity because it is genuinely a great experience.

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