They are welcome to mention the work experience in their roofless and resumes. They would still be considered as fresher and listed as fresher. B. Fresher – A student with less than 12 months experience or any students who has Just completed his/her graduation or Post graduation other than MBA like MA / Masc. / McCabe. C. Dream Option – After getting the first offer a student is eligible for his/her second option called the Dream Option. (A student is eligible to apply only to those companies which pay a higher CT than the first offer).

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A student is allowed three dream options after getting the first offer. The moment a detent gets the second offer by exercising dream options he/she would be deemed out of placement. Once a student exercises the dream option the only other option available would be the Dream Company or an Unclassified company D. Dream Company – This would be decided by the Placement Cell in consultation with placement committee. A Dream company is a high profile company which has hitherto not visited the campus, which all students might aspire to apply. E. G. Google or Price Waterholes Coopers or Boston Consulting Group.

E. Unclassified Company – To encourage students to avail of opportunities in ell known and branded companies which offer low starting pay (much lesser than average CT) but have excellent and exemplary training programs; the placement cell would classify some companies as ‘Unclassified’. Unclassified companies would not come under the purview of dream option clause. Some indicative unclassified companies of last year were TIC and Coca Cola. F. Specializations – Placement eligibility for any position depends to a large extent on specializations chosen by the student.

The placement cell would validate student specializations based on the information on self, given by the student for the reoccur. Students are advised to Judiciously choose their specializations and confirm the same for incorporation in the placement brochure. G. Eligibility Criteria of Companies – In the past the companies have indicated the following minimum eligibility criteria to shortlist students for the placement process: evaluation criterion, a

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CAP of 6 is considered to be equivalent of 60 %. I’) NO backlog in MBA. Ii) No gaps in education for more than 2 years excluding work experience. All examinations in undergraduate degree should have been passed in first attempt. ) No break in academic career. Please note it is the companies’ prerogative to specify eligibility criteria. Placement cell has no say in the matter. H. Placement Process – Placement process commences with the sending of the resume in response to the company’s requirement as per the recruitment template, follows through the selection process specified the company, till the final offer is rolled out.

Placement Policy: All students are eligible to attend as many interviews as they want subject to the following terms and conditions. 1 . A Student can get a maximum of Two Confirmed Offers. One + dream option assuming the dream option is converted). 2. Once a student gets the first offer he/she would be eligible only for the following options: a) A Dream Option is decided by the student. A ‘Dream Option’ is an aspiration attempt by a student to better his/her prospects. Consequently a Dream Option should be compulsorily a Job better in Remuneration. A student can attempt a maximum of 3 dream option placement.

Every time a student opts for a dream option placement he/she is expected to give the b) same in writing to the placement cell before participating n that placement process. The moment a student gets the first offer from any one of the dream option companies he/she would be out of placement. Whether he/she gets an offer from any one of the dream option companies or not he/she would be out of placement after 3 attempts except for the Dream Company option or the Unclassified c) A Dream Company. A Dream Company is an aspiration Company option. Company for the entire batch as well as the institute e. Consulting company such as ‘Boston Consulting Group’. The decision to classify would be based on certain criteria. Such companies would be few and far between but it would be considered a prestigious placement even if the numbers recruited are not very high. D) An Unclassified Company: Mentioned above. However: Please note that an unclassified company of last year need not automatically become an unclassified company this year. Please note that clauses pertaining to dream option mentioned above are not applicable for unclassified companies. 3. This will hold good even for pre-placement offers.

A pre-placement offer is one that functional specialization and the company they want to get in. 5. Students are advised to be Judicious and discreet while applying to companies. They should apply to companies which they are genuinely interested in. Generally they should apply to companies compatible with their choice of specialization. By not applying to a compatible company they are denying themselves a good opportunity. By attending a company which they may not be ultimately interested in, they could be denying an opportunity to another eligible and genuinely interested student. 6.

An offer is one which comes in writing. Companies which come for campus interview would be asked to fill up the offer statement before they leave the campus. In cases where the decisions are taken at later date, ’email’ or a written offer letter would be basis for consideration. 7. An offer once accepted subject to the above conditions cannot be rejected at a later date. Students who reject an offer earlier accepted by them cannot enter the placement pool again and would be automatically debarred from placements. 8. The placement cell will earnestly try to ensure that all students get at least one Job offer.

On the other hand all students should be aware that they are eligible for at least two offers. To obtain maximum benefit from the placement process students are strongly advised to get the first offer as early as possible and then try for their second dream offer. This would help the students to tide over any uncertainty and unpredictability in the business ecosystem. 9. To ensure more companies visit our campus, with the expectation of selecting students from a larger pool, campus interviews will be conducted for students from all three programs simultaneously. 10. Work Experience and Laterals. ) A student is considered a lateral if he/she has equal to or more than 12 months of experience. This experience should be supported by a service certificate. B) While companies would look for a mix of general experience and relevant experience, as a direction, relevant experience would be given more weighted than general e. G. :- A student having prior sales/marketing experience and experience. Specializing in marketing would be deemed to have relevant experience. E. G. :- A student who has production experience and Specializing in finance would be deemed to have general experience and not relevant experience. ) We would work with Placement Committee to get appropriate options for laterals. However Salary Negotiation for the lateral positions should be done by the students themselves. 12. Job Location: Students are advised to look at good Job content as the first priority and not be fussy about starting pay and location. We recommend that immediate focus of the students should be on learning opportunities, Job content, career prospects and growth. Placement training sessions: handbook a minimum of 60 % 13.

Attendance for regular courses and a) As already mentioned in the Student attendance in all academic course classes. B) A minimum of 75 % attendance is compulsory for regular training eke Personal Growth Lab etc. Sessions c) 100 % for special training and orientation programs conducted before the visit of specific companies. By applying to a company a student is to have agreed to attend the special training sessions organized deemed by the Any student not adhering to the above attendance norms will invite penal action, which could include being barred from placement. 4. Students must visit company’s website and attend pre- placement talks to get as much information about Job content and the company, as possible. 15. Students are advised to take help and advice from professors, muskmelons, alumni and fellow students and be reasonably clear about their career plans. 16. Students must have valid reasons to reject an offer and they are advised to exercise utmost discretion in doing so. This is because if one job offer is declined it is equivalent to two students not getting a Job. Institute shall on its part request the companies to have an active 17. The waiting list, wherever feasible. 18. Interview Processes and Eligibility criteria: attends an interview process of the company he/she a) Once a student needs to take it till interview process midway its logical conclusion. Dropping out of an before completion will attract serious to understand that such moves also negative impression of our institute penal action.

Students are advised cause an irreparable damage and a and its students in the minds of b) If a student does not desire to be considered for placement he/ recruiters. She is advised to communicate the same in writing to the placement cell in the beginning of the first semester of the second year. C) If a student does not apply to 5 eligible companies successively as per his/her specialization it would be assumed that he/she is not keen on placement and he/she would be classified as a detent not interested in placements.

His/her resume shall not be forwarded to companies thereafter. 19. Other Important and Relevant points to be considered: a) While the placement cell shall ensure the whole exercise is carried out in a fair and transparent manner, we advise the students to be responsible and co-operative during the whole process. B) All 2012-14 batch MBA students will be classified as Alumni after 31st July, 2014. C) As an evidence of clear understanding between the students and the placement cell and for the benefit of students, all of them are required to fill up the Placement Registration Form.

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