A Study Of Shakespeare Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

A Study Of Shakespeare Essay, Research Paper

We can research the nature of power and authorization through many characters in

Shakespeare? s, Antony and Cleopatra. First we look to the Triumvirate as a whole.

Although they do non look as a whole many times in the drama, they create a feeling of

authorization and power merely by the address used to depict them. The three bear the universe

on their shoulders and seem to keep all of the power and prestigiousness of male monarchs and emperors.

The construct of power becomes alittle less defined when Pompey enters the image. The

Triumvirate is threatened by Pompey? s power on the sea. He has more power than they

make as one adult male. This is because he has more ships and a stronger fleet. Time prostrations

this truth when the three work forces go to see Pompey, in all of their glorious authorization, and

organize a armistice. Pompey relents easy because he knows he can non crush this brotherhood of three

work forces, the world powers of the universe. ( Act III. )

The most of import illustration of power and authorization comes when the Triumvirate

is broken up into three persons working independently. Mark Antony and Octavious

Caesar are the two strong legs of the Triumvirate, while Lepidus is the weak adult male who

follows the lead of the most powerful and important of the two. Ocatvius Caesar is

the most important adult male in this drama. I believe this to be because he is the most

intelligent of the three, believing of conquering instead than love. Caesar is ne’er likened to a

God, but instead, is a maestro of address and marks his words and actions carefully so as to

suppress the universe, entirely. Mark Antony, on the other side, shows us love and physical

power. He is likened to a God by everyone who crosses his way. By Cleopatra

particularly, ? demi-Atlas? ( I.v.23. ) ; ? Red planets? ( I.v.18. ) . Antony is revered in this grace,

physical presence and dexterous ability on the conflict field. As a whole, the two signifier a terrific

confederation, but separate 1 has to lift.

Antony has immense authorization battles. He wants to be portion of the Triumvirate, but

his love is so strong it pulls him to Egypt. The brotherhood with Cleopatra does non give him

adequate power, he loses to Caesar, and besides lessens his authorization because of her. He is so

guided by his infatuation with this adult female that his work forces begin to desert to Caesar? s side.

This is besides because Caesar is more competent and knows how to govern the universe, he does

non allow his love for any adult female come between him and his pursuit for power. The power

and authorization battle is one-to-one between Caesar and Antony through most of the

book. We ever see Caesar on top, because he has the conniving head to govern. He has

Antony marry his sister, so so he has complete control over him. By doing him portion

of his household, Caesar can take personal action against Antony if he does anything to harm

his sister. Caesar besides does non do the error of take downing himself to the ranks of his

retainers. Antony is invariably imbibing with his as peers, or thanking them for their aid

. It is a really baronial place, but one forgets who is in charge half of the clip. Caesar

ne’er makes that error, we ever know who is in power when Caesar speaks. I think

the best illustration of this is while the Triumvirate is on Pompey? s ship, Lepidus has passed

out and Antony and Caesar have a few words,

? Gnaeus pompeius magnus: This is non an Alexandrian banquet.

Anthony: It ripens toward it. Strike the vass, Ho!

Here? s to Caesar!

Caesar: I could good hold back? T

It is monstrous labour when I was my encephalon

And it grows Fowler.

Anthony: Be a kid O? th? clip.

Caesar: Airs it, I? ll make reply ;

But I had instead fast from all, four yearss,

Than imbibe so much in one. ?

( II.vii.98-104 )

This shows how otherwise Antony and Caesar think. Caesar ever needs control of his

encephalon and does non wish to bury clip. He ever likes to be in control, one measure above

everyone else. He demands this regard, and everyone knows it, including Antony.

Antony enjoys the playing more than the serious nature of concern. His brotherhood with

Cleopatra is more for love than for power.

The terminal clinches the whole drama. Antony and Cleopatra are both dead and Caesar

wages them respect by burying them together and doing everyone go to their funeral. In

the terminal, the authorization and

power did non affair. Although the two are dead, all that

truly mattered was their love, and Caesar respected this really much. This is another

ground why Caesar is so powerful and important. He does nil incorrect. He is non

slimy in his chase of power. He regulations really openly and everyone knew what his wants

were. It is evident in the last transition that holding this power and authorization bids

him to hold regard as good. Antony and Cleopatra die powerless, by self-destruction, but live

everlastingly infamously, Caesar immortalizes them by paying his regard, as merely a true swayer

could make.

? Take up her bed,

And bear her adult female from the memorial.

She shall be buried by her Antony.

No grave upon the Earth shall dunk in it

A brace so celebrated. High events as these

Strike those that make them ; and their narrative is

No less in commiseration, than his glorification which

Brought them to be lamented. Our ground forces shall

In grave show attend this funeral,

And so to Rome. ?

( V.ii.355-364 )

Near Reading

This address in King Lear ( II.iv.263-282 ) . King Lear nowadayss this to his two immorality

girls, Regan and Goneril. This appears when Lear comes to face his girls

as to why they are taking his attenders off, along with his power. This is Lear? s last

call to his girls who seek to sabotage his kingship. He has given them the

land, but can non allow travel. They are demoing him small regard, forcing him off the

throne, instead than being respectful and just to their male parent. The existent job is that they

are taking away his power, but the focal point is why they are taking away his attenders and

declining to allow him remain with either of them. Thud, Lear begins his address with no place,

and two girl that are being really evil to him.

From lines ( 263-269 ) , Lear attempts to acquire his girls to understand that its is non

that he needs his work forces, the whole batch of them, merely as they do non necessitate the apparels they

wear, but it makes them experience whole. He is aghast that he must explicate this to the two

misss, and he can non believe they are being so evil. This linguistic communication, in the beginning, Lear

uses a comparing that he thinks the two will understand. They do non necessitate their apparels,

but their apparels are at that place for beauty. They do non prolong life, they help to break it, merely

as his work forces do for him. It is a really field, easy thing for them to understand, the point is

that they wear? T truly care.

From lines ( 270-282 ) , the point of the address changes* Lear tries to compare to his

girls in a sort manner, but he can keep his lingua no longer. He believes his girls

are seeking to mortify him in his old age and heartache. He knows that they are evil at this

point and that he has made a sedate mistake in giving them the land. He will non shout at

this realisation, but denounces his girls alternatively, and proclaims revenge worse than

all of the Earth. He besides calls them? unnatural beldam! ? ( 277 ) . This is a big subject in the

book. When he calls them unnatural it likens them to bastard kids. This is easier for

him to believe that they are of another male parent, other than him, because they are being so

cruel to him when all they have is from him. This is a big subject in the drama because

there is a power battle between Edmund, Glouscester? s unnatural kid, and Edgar, his

natural kid. In this drama both Lear and Gloucesters? unnatural kids hold all of the

power, while they denounce the natural kids, being Cordelia and Edgar. This address

illuminates everything in the drama. The male parents weep because their kids deceive them.

Lear swears to avenge, but he is non the 1 who is able to acquire his retaliation. In the terminal

he dies as does his natural girl, Cordelia ; Regan and Goneril kill each other. No

good comes out of this drama. A down as Lear is in this address is how tragic the drama

ends up. The adult females cut down Lear to a animal and signifier this point on, he continues to travel

loony. This besides indicates the function reversal that the misss had been waiting for. They

cut down him to a adult female, weeping, and he is reduced in power as good. He becomes the

kid to his kids. This somersault in the drama begins here. Lear now knows his topographic point as he is

dramatis personae out into the storm to shout while his girls and their hubbies take over his


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