A Tragedy of Errors

4 April 2015
Opinion paper arguing that Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet qualifies as a tragedy according to the definition set forth by Aristotle.

This paper argues that William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a true tragedy according to Aristotle’s definition of tragedy. The paper includes textual examples to back up author’s opinion. The paper also discusses how the timeless tale is still widely popular and evokes compassion and pity by all who experience the play.

“By the end of the play, Romeo and Juliet are in a highly unfavorable position death. Their families also suffer they have lost their only children. This very complicated sequence of events is complex enough to be interesting, but the emotions behind the situations are extremely real. Anyone watching the play would have had experience with missed chances and the consequences of hurrying things. Therefore, we find that ” Romeo and Juliet” is a true tragedy according to Aristotle. It follows the sequence of events that define tragedy and evokes the emotions of pity and fear in an audience that identifies with the main characters.”

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