A Tribe Called Quest: The Love Movement

8 August 2019

As I sit writing this review, listening to Tribe’s latest release, I cannot help but bob my head to the laid- back beats of this New York City trio. I picked up this, their most recent and regrettably last release. The group has broken up and will officially split up after their tour. Since this album represents everything I have come to love about the Tribe, I bought the limited edition CD of “The Love Movement,” which contains six rare and unreleased bonus tracks, including remixes of “Scenario” and “Oh my God.” If these bonus tracks intrigue you, then you better buy it before it is gone. This 21-track musical experience even features the return of former Tribe member, Busta Rhymes, who hasn’t appeared with the group since the 1991 album, “The Low End Theory.” This time around, he can be heard on such songs as “Steppin’ it up,” which also features Redman and “Scenario” (remix).

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I have been anticipating the release of this album for quite some time since it was originally due out on the same date as the Beastie Boys’ album “Hello Nasty” – July 14th. I don’t know the reason for the delay, but I can truly say it was worth the wait. I am very upset that this, one of my favorite rap groups, has decided to break up. However, for those of you true Tribe fans, I have heard that Q-Tip and Phife may be coming out with solo releases. Although I am disappointed that the Tribe’s days are numbered, I urge you to pick up their last effort as a group. .

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