A True Inspiration

10 October 2018

Everybody has that one idol that they love the most; the one they feel helps them through everything. For me that person is Justin Bieber. He taught me to follow my dreams and to never say never. He encourages me to believe in myself.
Justin inspires me to make a change in the world because he donates to a lot of charities every chance he gets. Itโ€™s inspirational to see how he lives every moment of life with a smile on his face. He is an angel sent to earth to make a lot of girls happy. Justin isnโ€™t another teen sensation; heโ€™s going to be around for a long time. Not many people have an everlasting effect on me but he does.
He has inspired me to not let others put me down. He handles the haters so maturely. They say mean things but Justin kills them with kindness and he doesnโ€™t let their opinions bother him.

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He has also inspired me not to settle for less than I deserve in terms of boyfriends because he thinks every girl is a princess and should be treated like one.
He taught me that anything is possible with a little belief and perseverance because he has performed with strep throat and a broken foot, he has thrown up on stage and walked into glass walls, he even had an infection in his vocal cords; the bottom line is that the show goes on no matter what.
I will always support Justin no matter how many mistakes he makes or what changes he goes through because no one can do for me what he has done. His confidence and determination to succeed have taught me to believe in who I am.
He inspires me to love my mom even more because him and his mom lived in an apartment and they only had each other. When he got signed to a record label, Justin promised to buy his mom a house someday because she could never afford one.

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