The article written by Mark Henderson entitled “A True Mountaineer; Wachusetts Lori Warg Helped Girls” which was published at the New York Times last August 24, 2003 is about the experiences of Lori Warg as a soccer player before it was established in the US as a sport for women. In 1972, Lori together with her brother, David, discovered soccer in gym class at their school. From then on, they have joined and even formed several soccer teams within their area with the help of their parents and Dr. Martyn J. Bowden, the legendary founder of the Sutton Fuller Hamlets club.

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During this time, Lori was the only girl in the team. But because of her great skills, her male team mates did not mind her to be the only female in the group. According to Bowden, “She was, of course, very highly regarded on the team. Guys on the team were phenomenally protective of her, but she didn’t need it. … A guy would run over and she would just clobber him.” More so, Lori’s excellent performance in the field and the fact that she was the only female soccer player earned her numerous fans and several accolades. But by 1981, her competitive soccer career concluded with a victory over Doherty.

Then she went to college at Lafayette. She decided to decline an offer to join the soccer team because she wanted to focus on her studies, basketball and softball. After college, she entered the ROTC program and trained in Germany with the German military intelligence. There she was able to play soccer again with European soccer enthusiasts.

Moreover, Lori pursued different careers after this experience but she still managed to play the game and coach other soccer teams. As mentioned above, Lori Wang had made several major contributions in promoting soccer as a game that women can play. Though she was not able to experience the all-girl setting in the playing field during her younger years, she is still proud of how soccer became a success in the United States.


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