A Waste of Time

10 October 2016

Centennial, many students do wear uniform, but those uniforms are related to their program or study (for example, practical nursing, pharmacy tech, paramedic, police foundation). Discuss what you think the benefits or the disadvantages are of college students wearing those work related uniform while they are still in school. Ans: – In centennial college, many students wear their work related uniforms, which is required for their course.

This is quite beneficial for the students because uniforms make them unique from other students. They get almost a separate identity of their own. They also get to practice wearing their professional dress code while still being a student. Wearing a uniform also gives us an advantage in the sense that we do not have to worry about what we should wear every day. Often times, a lot of time is wasted before coming to the college because people are deciding what to wear.

However, for those students who have to wear their uniforms, they have only one or two choice. So, it saves a lot of time for them in the morning and thus, they can get to school faster. Some uniform also gives people confidence, like the police uniform. When a student wears a police uniform, they feel more confident and responsible. They are more aware of their duties and what they are supposed to do. The same situation applies to students in nursing and paramedics. Canada is a multicultural society.

So, when a student wears a particular career-related uniform, it increases their feeling of being part of that career and a part of Canada as a whole. Lastly, there are thousands of students in centennial college. So, it might become hard for the professor to identify who is their student and who is not. So, when a student wears their uniform, the professors can easily tell who their students are. This is why; wearing uniforms in centennial college is a good idea because there are lots of benefits involved.

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